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Wednesday, December 22th 2021

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Disruptions ahead for Biotech and Pharma

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Laboratories must meet ever-increasing demands for accuracy and speed of analysis, as well as productivity and flexibility, as well as regulatory and environmental restraints. When people are involved, however, speed, quality, and reliability are especially difficult to harmonize. Automation is one option.

This Week’s Must Read is an insight piece from SPC Consultants on how laboratories have to adapt and prepare for the new digital era of digitization and automation.

 @ SPC Consultants

Thought Leadership

National payers in Europe are under increasing financial strain, and they want to give access to and fund novel treatments to improve patient care, but they must do so within budget constraints. What efforts are they taking to keep expenses down while preserving care quality?

Yan Xue, Thomas Quirk, Eleanor Berry, Alejandro Lopez Pareja and Kathryn Acheson @Blue Matter Consulting

Many pharma/biotech businesses have been reimagining how to deliver improved patient outcomes with acceptable economic value across a broad spectrum of stakeholders as the healthcare environment continues to advance at a rapid pace.

Caroline Horwood & Sophie Stiewe@ Uptake Strategies

The hunt for a cure or prevention for COVID-19 has drawn a lot of attention from the government, the media, and the general public, reinforcing the impression that biotech acquisitions and partnerships are a smart investment. Can the industry continue to develop at a rapid pace?

Laura Cancherini, Joseph Lydon, Jorge Santos da Silva, and Alexandra Zemp@McKinsey

Clinical trials have been virtualized for a long time, but cultural and regulatory hurdles have impeded deployment. With over 1200 clinical studies worldwide being halted owing to the SARs-CoV2 pandemic 1, virtualizing clinical trials has been emphasized for its prospective benefits and opportunities.

Jess Hearn and Carmen Fairley Gil-Alberdi@Alacrita Consulting

This week’s Consulting News

In a field full of worthy opponents, Rivers Agile was named Innovator of the Year: Solutions Provider – Services for 2021. The Pittsburgh Technology Council’s Tech 50 Awards recognize the region’s fastest-growing and most innovative technology businesses, as well as their top executives, on an annual basis.
The team was overjoyed to win the latter after being finalists for both CEO of the Year and Innovator of the Year.  | Ben Wilson@Rivers Agile

In the HFS Top 10 for Energy Services1, Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) was listed among the top three service providers. TCS came in second place for customer voice, overall execution, and technology usage and development.  | Debashis Ghosh@TCS

Booz Allen Hamilton has announced the opening of a new office in Honolulu, Hawaii, to extend the firm’s present footprint in the region and fulfill rising mission demand.
The facility, which is located in First Hawaiian Center, employs 250 people and has a variety of capabilities, including an artificial intelligence (AI) and innovation center.  | Amanda Allison-Martini@Booz Allen Hamilton

EY has launched Operating Model Transformation, a tool that assists consumer goods (CP) firms in reshaping their operating models.
Dynamic ecosystems, digital DNA, talent flexibility, innovation platform, and lasting purpose are the five integrated design aspects that the solution is based on to analyze where a firm is in its transformation path and where it needs to go.  | Maya Vautier@ EY

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Biotechnology has swept through modern life. Biotechnology pervades practically every element of civilization, from its critical involvement in agriculture, health, genetics, immunology, and other scientific and non-science fields, to its critical contributions in the race to discover the COVID-19 vaccine.

Consulting sourcing tips

How to Check the References for Consulting Services the Right Way

How to Check the References for Consulting Services the Right Way

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