Consulting Q&ACategory: Why and when using Consultants ?How do consultants create value ?
Mikel StasiukMikel Stasiuk asked 2 years ago

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Hélène LaffitteHélène Laffitte answered 2 years ago

Consultants bring a lot of things to the table, and by doing so, they add value to the industry or market. Management consultants create value by helping their clients to improve product quality, grow and expand the business, reduce the firm’s costs, retain valuable talents, and more However, to put it in a nutshell, most of the consulting projects aid in creating value along two dimensions; namely, technical value and political value.
The technical value of a consultant is what they bring to the company and that is, their expertise and invaluable knowledge. This can also be done by diagnosing the various problems in the company and seeking proper and viable solutions for them by implementing certain strategies and techniques.
On the other hand, the political value is a lot more difficult to gauge and comprehend because the value is brought through leadership and proper influence. By this, we mean enforcing unpopular changes in the company, facilitating linkups and connections between stakeholders, and so on. Thus, since consulting is an intangible service, it is really difficult to physically measure its true value, but from a business perspective, consulting creates much more value to its clients than you can actually imagine.
Lastly, as Thomas A. Edison once very famously said, “The value of an idea lies in the use of it”. Thus, until and unless you do not leverage consulting, you will never truly know its actual value. And besides, speaking of consultants, it’s essential when we work with the right consultants to evaluate their quality and to get value for our money. Moreover, to learn more on how to evaluate the quality of a consultant, hop over to this podcast.