Consulting Q&AWhat are the expert networks used by consultants?
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Laurent ThomasLaurent Thomas answered 1 year ago

As you know, companies hire consulting firms so that they can assist them in their decision-making as well as help in resolving issues. Moreover, consulting firms use their expertise and skills and suggest necessary courses of action that need to be taken for the company to move in the right direction. Thus, for a consulting firm to be able to help solve the issues of their clients, require a bunch of employees that are professional experts and have vast knowledge in various sectors and niches. Now, this is where the role of an expert network comes into the scene. Of late, there have been disruptions in the consulting value chain because of increased and very high demand for extremely specialized experts. These disruptions are creating fascinating new opportunities for expert networks since clients are on the hunt for top-notch experts on a per-project basis scheme. The experts can even be hired by the hour by simply going through an interview round. This quick process helps in gaining all necessary information that is required.
As stated earlier, these expert networks have several subject matter experts in their team to provide valuable advice and guidance that you need. They help in compiling several opinions and accurate data points as they wind up their due diligence on companies, work as a team on market assessments, and research on the launching of products. The likes of GLG, Third Bridge, Alphasight, and Guidepoint are the more traditional expert networks, but over the years, new business expert network models have come into the limelight such as NewtonX and ProSapient. So, let’s take a closer look at a few of the expert networks:
GLG – It’s a high-tech-enabled platform that helps converge top professionals with reliable experts. They help with solving complex strategic and operational challenges as well as seek mentorship and gain valuable market feedback.
Third Bridge – This networking group provides research services to private and public equity firms, hedge funds, and strategy consultants. They give out essential information with regards to the value of investment opportunities.
Alphasight – When it comes to knowledge search, Alphasight is the undisputed global leader. They help in connecting clients with useful and relevant knowledge in order to assist them in addressing a plethora of business challenges.
Guidepoint – They help connect clients with vetted subject matter experts such as advisors. Moreover, these unique service offerings are performed via phone consultations, events, data, and surveys.
NewtonX – It’s the world’s first ever AI-powered knowledge marketing place. They help by bridging the gap and connecting leading technology experts with corporate, management, and investment professionals.
ProSapient – It’s a machine learning and AI powered platform that allows you to capture fruitful insights from executives all over the world via consultations and large-scale surveys.
Atheneum – This is a Research as a Service (RaaS) firm and aids in delivering the latest intelligence that you require. It allows clients to source experts globally as well as manage their interactions.
Dialectica – It is regarded as one of the most trusted knowledge sharing platforms. They partner with leading investment and corporate strategy clients, which enables them to collaborate with specific industry specialists.
There are more expert networks that are used by consultants frequently but the above are the more renowned ones. Moreover, if you use consulting frequently or wish to purchase a single project, make sure to glance through Consulting Quest’s mini practical guides as it will assist you in transforming your approach.