Consulting Q&ACategory: Consulting Career & RecruitmentWhat are the perks at the best consulting firms ?
Hélène LaffitteHélène Laffitte asked 5 years ago

1 Answers
Laurent ThomasLaurent Thomas answered 5 years ago

Working at a top consulting firm allows a person to try a lot on at early stages. You get to work in different industries, functional areas and even geographies to test out what you like the most.

You will also get to work alongside top business minds. Consulting presents a unique opportunity to exercise your strategy thinking and problem-solving skills that are much valued in any jobs.

Apart from these advantages, there are other perks that are unique to the management consulting lifestyle. Some examples include: team-building events, weekend retreats, Laundry and Dry Cleaning services, business-class flights, travel perks (airline and hotel points), office events, offsite trainings etc.