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Wednesday, March 27 2024

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Riding the EdTech Wave: Recent Trends and Challenges


In the vast ocean of education, the winds of change are blowing stronger than ever, propelled by the surging tide of technology. As we sail through 2024, the waves of innovation in EdTech are reshaping the educational landscape with unprecedented vigor.

The burgeoning e-learning sector, now a behemoth projected to reach a staggering $325 billion by 2025, underscores the undeniable momentum of digital transformation in higher education. Within this dynamic realm, several key trends are emerging.

Investment in educational technology is soaring to new heights. The bite-sized lessons and on-the-go educational experiences facilitated by microlearning and mobile learning are redefining the traditional classroom, empowering students to learn anytime, anywhere. Moreover, the integration of artificial intelligence (AI) is heralding a new era of personalized learning. But perhaps most intriguing are the immersive techniques gaining traction, from gamification to simulations.

Yet, amidst the excitement of innovation, student achievement is stagnating globally, with millions trapped in the quagmire of “learning poverty.” How do we steer toward a more equitable education landscape?  Let us suggest cultivating a world where every learner can thrive, empowered by the boundless possibilities of education technology.

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Laurent THOMAS

Laurent THOMAS

Chairman Consulting Quest

This week’s must read

In this edition of This Week in Consulting, we’re taking a deep dive into the recent trends and challenges and explore the dynamics and hurdles of EdTech.



Red Marker Systems highlights key EdTech trends for 2024: personalized learning, AI integration, VR usage, blockchain for credentials, gamification, hybrid and adaptive learning, electronic and analytical learning, cloud computing, continuous education, emerging technologies, holistic learning, microlearning, mobile learning, and subscription models for accessibility and sustainability.

@Red Marker Systems

This week’s media

This video by LEK Consulting delves into the surge of machine learning and artificial intelligence in education, disrupting traditional teaching methods. Anip Sharma and Ant Bagshaw explore the challenges and opportunities for higher education institutions amidst this transformative technology.

Thought Leadership




Tesca’s article explores how EdTech revolutionizes education, addressing challenges like accessibility and engagement. It discusses personalized learning, AI integration, global collaboration, and ethical considerations. Collaboration, policy support, and equitable access are crucial for maximizing EdTech’s potential in shaping future education.

@Tesca Global




Simplilearn’s article explores e-learning’s evolution, features, and advantages. It traces its history, from radio programs to modern online platforms. Advantages include multimedia tools and scalability, while challenges include social isolation and lack of technological literacy.






This article by Hurix Digital explores the burgeoning e-learning sector in higher education, projected to reach $325 billion by 2025. Key trends include increased investment, microlearning, mobile learning, AI integration, and immersive techniques like gamification and simulations.

Nitin Sharma, @Hurix Digital




McKinsey underscores the urgency to enhance global education, citing widespread learning poverty and stagnant performance. Despite challenges, successful systems offer strategies grounded in evidence, stakeholder engagement, capacity building, and data-driven adaptation to foster meaningful improvements.

Jake Bryant, Felipe Child, Ezgi Demirdag, Emma Dorn, Stephen Hall, Kartik Jayaram, Charag Krishnan, Cheryl Lim, Emmy Liss, Kemi Onabanjo, Frédéric Panier, Juan Rebolledo, Jimmy Sarakatsannis, Doug Scott, Roman Tschupp, Seckin Ungur and Pierre Vigin, @McKinsey & Company

This week’s consulting news selection

PwC announces it has entered into an alliance with ContractPod Technologies Ltd, a leading and innovative provider of legal AI technology, to launch a new consulting service powered by ContractPodAi’s Leah.|@PwC

Publicis Sapient, Publicis Groupe’s digital business transformation company, announced the acquisition of Spinnaker SCA, a leading supply chain services firm that provides end-to-end supply chain strategy, planning and execution consulting services.|@Publicis Sapient

Accenture completes acquisition of Mindcurv, a cloud-native digital experience and data analytics company specializing in composable software, digital engineering and commerce services for more than 200 clients worldwide.|@Accenture

Wipro, a leading technology services and consulting company, announced that Anne-Marie Rowland has been appointed to the role of Capco’s Chief Executive Officer.|@Wipro

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