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Friday, Feb 9th, 2018

Aerospace and Defense, what’s next?


“A vast portion of the Aerospace & Defense (A&D) sector was underperforming its potential by 1) not pursuing active strategies (e.g., consolidation vs. staying the course), and 2) using legacy business models that no longer align with market needs.”

The successful launch of SpaceX’s first Falcon Heavy booster this past Tuesday (Feb 6th) from the same Florida pad used by NASA’s Apollo mission signals the dawn of a new era of space exploration. SpaceX, along with other “space disruptors” such as Moon Express and Blue Origin are reshaping the space industry and the future of travel. How are the traditional aerospace and defense (A&D) companies performing when faced with disruption and calls for innovation? This Week’s Must Read features an A&D industry analysis from Deloitte, in which the consultants explain why companies that are “staying the course” with the same strategies and business models may not fly much longer.

Read the full article “The Next Era of Aerospace and Defense: How to Outperform in an Environment of Innovative Disruption”, written by Erich M. Fischer and Douglas H. Bartels from Deloitte.

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Transportation geek Wanis Kabbaj gives a forward-thinking talk, previewing exciting concepts like modular, detachable buses, flying taxis and networks of suspended magnetic pods that could help make the dream of a dynamic, driverless world into a reality.


  • Deloitte and EY Acquire Design Agencies Brandfirst and Citizen: Deloitte and EY have each confirmed the acquisition of a design agency, as competition in the advertising space continues to heat up. The deals for Brandfirst and Citizen are geared toward the firms winning a market share from established advertising industry incumbents, whose spending has flagged in recent months. | Deloitte & EY Press Releases
  • Synechron Partners with Solidatus to Deliver Data Visualisation for Financial Services: Synechron has announced a partnership with Solidatus, a leading data lineage discovery and visualisation solution. Together, the firms are addressing challenges related to understanding data lineage, governance, and management by delivering powerful visualization of metadata across end-to-end business processes, including an intuitive and easy to use web interface and customizable filter options.The initiative is critical in helping firms get the most from their data, as well as to comply with upcoming regulatory obligations. | Synechron Press Release
  • Precision Value & Health Acquires Leading Market Access Consultancy Insight Strategy Advisors: Precision Value & Health announced it is acquiring Insight Strategy Advisors, a New York-based leading market access consultancy supporting value demonstration, pricing, reimbursement, and distribution for biopharmaceutical companies. The deal sees a team of around 50 consultants in the US (New York and Philadelphia) and Europe (Geneva) integrated into Precision’s Value & Health arm. | Precision Value & Health Press Release
  • Avanade Expands its Digital Consulting Business into Mainland Europen: Avanade is launching its consulting arm in Europe. To lead the new Advisory Services | European practice, the US-headquartered firm has brought a senior partner from KPMG Advisory on board. In the space of the coming two years, Avanade Advisory Services expects to be fully operational in eleven countries across the continent. | Consultancy uk


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  • Disruptive Procurement: Reinventing and Transforming the Procurement Function: Today, after multiple rounds of cost reductions, customers and suppliers find themselves in a markedly different world. Procurement professionals spend lots of time analyzing supplier market, factor costs, and competitive prices. But all this research, or “desktop procurement”, will not yield significant savings. To overcome the limitations, seasoned professionals need to grab a coffee (and a screwdriver) and use a Beginner’s Mindset to Redefine themselves. | Michael Strohmer, Christian Schuh, Alenka Triplat, Angela Chang, Damon Broder, and Harald Jordan, AT Kearney
  • Winning with a Flexible Workforce in Life Sciences: Innovative leaders today are faced with the question: how can life sciences organizations leverage flexible talent-access models to stay agile and innovative in an increasingly competitive market? This article reviews the five key business areas organizations must make changes in order to fully enable a new vision of the future: Planning and Budgeting, Procurement and Legal, Technology, Human Resources and Training.  | Rob Biederman, Stuart Kliman, Catalant
  • Competing in a World of Digital Ecosystems: Four emerging technology clusters will define how automotive manufacturers, suppliers, and digital attackers compete and cooperate for growth. In banking, enlarged platform spaces will offer customers access to a wide range of products and services through a single gateway. In both industries, established players will need to rethink strategy, either by joining existing ecosystems or forging their own.  | Miklós Dietz, Joydeep Sengupta, Nicole Zhou, Mckinsey

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  • 10 Referral Strategies to Grow Your Consulting Business: In almost every case, referrals are the least expensive source of new clients. That is, the direct cost to acquire them is low. What you will quickly learn is that what might seem like a small step you take today, done continuously, repeated often, will reap big rewards. | Michael Zipursky, Consulting Success
  • 4 Changes an Elite Management Consultant Would Tell You to Make to Maximze Your Productivity: In some ways, consulting can sound like one of the easiest businesses to start. You presumably already have the expertise and the industry contacts, all you have to do is line up some gigs, right? There’s some truth to that, but of course it’s never that easy. Here are five tips about starting up a consulting business. | Scott Steinberg, Inc



  • Unspoken Truths of Top-tier Consulting: things every consultant knows, but no one says : When you first start consulting, it can seem like a sort of corporate utopia. But, the consulting world is the Partner’s oyster, not yours. It may take a few months after joining a firm for the new job halo to wear off, at which time you may realise there are a range of things everyone in the job discovers with time, but which aren’t openly spoken about.  | Tom Spencer
  • What MBAs Make At Top Consulting Firms:  In consulting, everything is new: New teammates, new clients, new locations. You’re always creating and learning, always becoming more well-rounded and valuable. Each day, consultants enjoy the privilege of working alongside the best minds on defining issues and cutting-edge methods. Best of all, consulting firms pay a premium for talent. | Jeff Schmitt


  • Miebach Consulting is seeking to hire a Supply Chain Consulting Analyst to support the Project Consultants and work in a team environment to design best-in-class supply chain solutions.  Learn More
  • Tefen Consulting is currently hiring management consultants for client engagements in key industries and functional practice areas (strategy, operations, organizational design, etc) to join their NYC office. Learn More
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