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Friday, Feb 23rd, 2018

Design Thinking, Lean and Agile


“Instead of focusing on applying a process, teams ought to challenge how they think and try new things, embrace the things that work, and learn from the things that don’t. This right way will be different for each team in their specific context. Success is about how teams develop the new ability, learn by doing, and adapt to what is learned.”

There is a diverse range of opinions when it comes to the idea of Agile, Lean and Design Thinking. It is certain that people have a real need to change, but they get stuck following rules or process without really understanding why. This Week’s Must Read features an insight piece from Thoughtwork, in which the consultant illustrates how the mindsets of lean, design thinking and agile overlap and condenses large amounts of information into easy-to-understand charts and graphs. The key message here is: There is no one correct way, nor is one single mindset enough. But all together, elements of each mindset help us to find our way forward.

Read the full article “Understanding how Design Thinking, Lean and Agile Work Together”, written by Jonny Schneider from Thoughtworks.

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FinTech thought leader Henri Arslanian discusses how designers, programmers and creative thinkers can help prepare future bankers for new changes and challenges.


  • Accenture Technology launches AI testing services: Accenture Technology has launched a new set of Artificial Intelligence Testing Services. As an increasing regulatory burden sees many organisations turning to AI to lighten their workload, the new Services will aim to test AI solutions to make sure they can provide clients with the most trust-worthy service. | Accenture Press Releases
  • Asia-Pacific Fintech Market to reach US$72 billion by 2020: The Fintech industry in the Asia-Pacific region is expected to grow at a CAGR of 72.5% from 2015 to 2020, reaching US$72 billion. Frost & Sullivan presented its annual Fintech Outlook at The Swissôtel The Stamford in Singapore on 8 February.  | Frost & Sullivan Press Release
  • Majority of Companies Now Hit by a Cybersecurity Skills Gap: According to a new study, the UK has the world’s third largest cybersecurity talent pool. However, almost seven in every ten organisations are reporting high demand for cyber skills, while a meagre four in ten already have those skills present within the company today. |
  • RSM Establishes Manchester-based Tech and Management consulting hub: Audit, tax and consulting firm RSM has established a new technology and management consulting hub in the North West. Operating from the company’s offices in Manchester city centre, the hub represents the latest move in a drive to expand RSM’s core services nationally, particularly in IT and digital strategy, cloud ERP and management consulting services. | Richard Bell, bdaily news


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  • 2018 Banking Industry Outlook – Six Themes Driving Banking Industry Trends: For 2018 and beyond, banks must contend with multiple challenges tied to regulations, legacy systems, disruptive models and technologies, new competitors, and a restive customer base while pursuing new strategies for sustainable growth.  | Val Srinivas, Steve Fromhart, Urval Goradia, Richa Wadhwani, Deloitte Consulting
  • Contract Manufacturing: Commodity or Competitive Edge? The approach to choosing a contract manufacturer can have a significant impact on the success and timing of a development program and ultimately product launch. This should be viewed as a “high-stakes” strategic decision process, and it is critical to start early, cast a wide net, and dig deep in identifying  potential partners.  | Robert Pogulis, Marc Tomassi, Huron Consulting
  • Less than 100 Days Out: With the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) coming into effect in less than 100 days, chances are you know your business needs to rapidly transform how it manages the personal information and data of EU subjects. What is the best approach to take with such a short deadline for compliance? Regardless of the stage of preparation your business is in, read more about the GDPR readiness journey here.  | Faiyaz Shahpurwala, IBM
  • Black Box “Financial Supply Chain Management”: In all key functional areas of financial supply chain management self-developed solutions dominate the solution landscape – except for automatic cash allocation management. Check out Which software solutions optimise financial management in companies’ CFO departments now and in the future.  | Dr. Hans Gerd Prodoehl, Thomas Oppe, Goetz Partners

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  • How Consulting Firms can Maintain Consistent Profitability: Keeping a close eye on profitability metrics such as project performance, billable utilisation of resources, write off hours that should be billed and working capital are a core part of solid project management. Maintaining complete visibility of projects and gaining tighter control over financial results is a challenging task in practice. |
  • Partnership Consulting: An Ideal Way to Build Your Consulting Practice: As you build your consulting practice, establishing partnerships with other consultants is an effective approach to getting more client work and has multiple benefits. This is an approach called partnership consulting. | Nation 1099


  • Consulting: Stepping Stone or Career: Most people find that consulting is a great launching pad to a career. They may stick with it until retirement or use it to gain valuable experience to do something they find even more fun. It depends on the opportunities that come up and how one’s needs change as they progress through life.  | Lew Sauder, consulting 101
  • Why Consulting Beats Working in Industry—Four Often Overlooked Career Benefits: There are several often overlooked benefits to a consulting career. Unfortunately, most job seekers are largely unaware of what these benefits are and unfamiliar with how to determine if these might be available to them. | Adam Cummins, Consulting Mag


  • Are you a Consultant with Supply Chain background or prior experience working in Retail/CPG? This may be the opportunity you have been long for. A Client of Consulting Quest – an Asia-based small Global Consulting Firm – is seeking to hire an Engagement Manager to join their newly established office in New York City.  Learn More  
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