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Friday, December 22nd, 2017


“While nearly 8 in 10 firms in the industry now offer digital services, 57% of those indicated that a digital approach has only somewhat or not at all enabled them to win more business, as the consulting sector struggles to leverage new technology for itself, despite advising others on how to implement it.”

Consulting firms around the world have been seizing on the opportunities offered by the buzz surrounding digital transformation and developed new digital offerings for their clients. The global digital transformation market is currently worth over $23 billion, which is nearly 20% of all consulting turnover generated by the top tier of the global consulting industry. While consultants are telling clients how important digital transformation is to the business environment, as an industry, consultants are lagging behind in their maturity and ability to monetize that approach. This Week’s Must Read features the recent study conducted by 9Lenses on digital transformation in Consulting.

Read the Full Report: “Digital Transformation in the Consulting Industry”.

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Steve Vamos explains why the old way of doing things is hurting more than helping and why Digital Disruption is a human thing.


  • Accenture to Acquire Irish Creative Agency Rothco: Accenture has entered into an agreement to acquire Rothco, a full-service creative agency. The acquisition will strengthen Accenture’s capabilities in Ireland, bolsters Accenture Interactive’s creative credentials. | Accenture Press Release
  • German team of OC&C Strategy Consultants joins Parthenon-EY: The German team of OC&C Strategy Consultants has joined Parthenon-EY, in the firm’s third scoop of a country office from the international strategy consultancy in the space of fifteen months. The move propels EY’s strategic advisory portfolio into the top ranks of Germany’s growing strategy consulting space, while OC&C has immediately commenced efforts to rebuild with the launch of a new Munich office. | Consultancy UK
  • David Dixon and Sebastian Shapiro Join Forces to Launch Truesight Consulting: David Dixon and Sebastian Shapiro, two veteran marketing innovators, today announced the launch of Truesight Consulting, an independent advanced marketing analytics and solutions company. Truesight combines and unifies technology, data, modeling and business intelligence solutions to drive significant improvements in results, and ultimately revenue, for its clients. | PR Newswire
  • Acquisition of ShiftIN Partners: Sia Partners Becomes a Major Player in the Consulting Sector in the Middle East: By merging ShiftIN with its local entities based in the UAE an Saudi Arabia Sia Partners strengthens its presence in the Middle East. This new team of nearly 40 consultants will intervene in four main areas (Energy, Government, Transportation & Logistics, and Financial Services). | Thomson Reuters


Consulting Quest has launched Jobsulting, the only management Consulting-focused global recruiting platform that partners with consulting firms to link their demands to the right consulting candidates. Register on the platform today and enjoy free posting for one year.


  • Don’t Fake Innovation – Make It Work, Lean Style: Innovation is one of the hottest buzzwords, for some years now. Most companies are doing something around this theme and declaring innovation as a high priority. But are the enormous efforts invested in it yielding results? And if not, how can organizations make innovation work?  | Eli Pelleg, Tefen Consulting
  • Global Tensions Amplify Tech Risks: Technology will continue to play a vital role in promoting global prosperity, but the pace of innovation in areas such as AI, IoT, and biotechnology is also creating new risks – ones that will be amplified in a world where geopolitical tensions, nationalism, and social instability are on the rise.  | John Drzik, Oliver Wyman
  • Should Cryptocurrencies Play a Part in your Future?: There is a tremendous amount of innovation going on in both cryptocurrency and blockchain technologies that shows potential in helping to overcome some of the issues and challenges. We will need to wait for the inevitable response from the regulatory community that will ultimately determine the longer term fate of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.  | Rob Gear, PA Consulting
  • Open Banking – A Tipping Point for Challenger Banks?:  There could be transformational wins for astute challenger banks, while for incumbent large banks there is huge potential for renewed relevance and customer-centricity, which could reinvigorate and transform customer relationships.  | Peter Ward, Diogo Silva, L.E.K Consulting

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