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Friday, Jan 12th, 2018

The Inevitable Change in Supply Chain Management


“Organizations that manage to understand that the key to success is supply chain excellence, create adequacy between their organizational strategy and their supply chain strategy, and focus in achieving flexibility, agility, financial efficiency and customer satisfaction.”

The business world today is experiencing extreme fluctuations and there are several revolutions going on around the world (such as the Consumer’s Revolution and the Information Revolution). How did these changes and revolutions impact the field of supply chain management? Various surveys have attempted to answer this question. This Week’s Must Read is an insight piece written by the Industrial and High-tech division of Tefen Consulting, in which the consultants assembled the main findings of these research surveys and provided additional insights on the topic.

Read the Full Report: “The Inevitable Change in Supply Chain Management”.

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Tom Pathuis discusses the sustainability of supply chain in the age of information. Ultimately, we are the ones who need to take lead of the situation and make a change. Technology is only an axis of the process, but we are the ones who need to start it.


  • Oliver Wyman Boosts Digital Offering With Acquisition Of Draw: Oliver Wyman has acquired Draw, a digital transformation agency. Draw will join Oliver Wyman Labs, within its Digital practice, boosting capabilities in digital strategy, user experience design, web development, CRM, and front and backend development.  | Oliver Wyman Press Release
  • Accenture Agrees to Acquire Mackevision: Accenture strikes a deal to acquire 3D content producer Mackevision for an undisclosed amount. The German-based company includes the award-winning visual effects team for Game of Thrones. The addition of the Mackevision will add state-of-the-art visualization capabilities to its digital services portfolio. | Accenture Newsroom
  • Taking PwC to new heights – drones team launches in UK: PwC’s UK wing has established a team of drone specialists in Britain to help clients take advantage of the airborne technology. The professional services firm has a growing network of drone-focused facilities, including a global centre of excellence focusing on the commercial use of drone technology on the continent, as the group bid to help clients extract value from drone data. | PWC Press Release
  • KPMG to acquire Global Identity and Access Management business Cyberinc: Cyberinc has entered into an agreement to sell its Identity and Access Management business to KPMG. The purchase sees the Big Four giant add 190 experts to its cybersecurity presences across the US, India, Australia, and the UK. | KPMG Press Release


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  • Moving Beyond Keyword Search with Cognitive Automation: Cognitive automation tech-enablers around Insight Engines can be leveraged to address some of the challenges faced by today’s search applications and enhance their efficiency and effectiveness.  | Mitra, Sanghamitra, Capgemini Consulting
  • Airline Economic Analysis 2017-2018: Annual analysis of airline sector economics, trends, and performance. The report covers a range of aviation industry-specific economic and performance data as well as global capacity growth by region.  | Tom Stalnaker, Khalid Usman, Aaron Taylor, Grant Alport, Oliver Wyman
  • Three Ways Healthcare Association Executives Can Grow Non-dues Revenue: Ensuring sustainability requires proactive planning and execution by society executives. Focusing on growing non-dues revenue is only one lever, but it is the one executives can best control while garnering the largest upside benefit.  | Bret Schroeder, Nilesh Chandra, PA Consulting
  • The Art of Platform Thinking: For your organization to make the most out of technology investments, you need a comprehensive strategy that puts your essential business priorities at the heart of your approach to foundational technologies. Platform thinking then becomes the touchstone for making key technology decisions that will simplify your ecosystem, stimulate innovation, and accelerate delivery.  | Amit Kaul, Ryan Murray, Thoughtworks

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  • Consulting Well: Developing Flourishing Consultant-Client Relationships: A consultant-client relationship that flourishes is a good indication that effective consulting is taking place. | Dr.Richard B.Davis, Consulting Mag
  • One of the difficult challenges of being an independent consultant is managing the balance between servicing your current clientele without negatively impacting your ability to generate new clients. See how this can be solved. | Consulting Quest


  • Be The Best Consultant Ever: 6 Things That Will Make You Great: You may have noticed that the consulting industry is full of high performers from top schools with great grades and interesting work experience. What does it take to succeed in such a competitive industry among the best of the best? | The Muse, Forbes
  • Management Consulting Reading List: Whether you are a professional management consultant, an MBA student on consulting track, or just want to explore the possibility of getting into consulting, this comprehensive reading list will jump start your career. | Management Consulting Case Interviews


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