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Friday, May 4th, 2018

Risks in the Digital World


“Companies are using GDPR-inspired reforms as an opportunity to build greater flexibility into their data platforms so that they not only comply with the new provisions but also respond more readily to future regulatory changes.”

Cybersecurity and risk management have become huge priorities for businesses and governments, as practically all of life goes digital. This Week’s Must Read features a collection of articles from Digital Mckinsey Insights, where the consultants explore how business leaders can mitigate risk to ensure productive and secure interactions with employees, customers, and suppliers. Articles in this issue also explore the emerging rules and technologies that are changing the way companies and government agencies manage risk. What do businesses need to know about forthcoming General Data Protection Regulations and how best to comply with them? How can risk analytics help executives ferret out potential problems before they become full-blown crises?

Read on to Find out More: “Navigating Risk in the Digital World”, featuring Roberta Fusaro, Michael T. Borruso, Venetia Simcock from Digital Mckinsey.

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Charlene Li discusses that being an effective leader in the digital age is less about control and more about empowerment: enabling employees to acquire the information they need, so they can make their own decisions.


  • Operations Consultancies Argon Consulting and Crimson & Co Merge: British management consultancy Crimson & Co has merged with French firm Argon, to create a new global group. The combined entity will look to combine Argon’s consulting and operations transformation prowess with the international reach of the supply chain focused Crimson. | Crimson & co Press Release
  • KPMG Strikes Alliance with Nuix to Bolster data-driven M&A Offering: KPMG has announced a tie up with Nuix, in an alliance which will lend the global forensic technology firm’s powerful data analysis capabilities to the Big Four company’s delivery for complex unstructured data projects to clients across all sectors. The partnership will carry a particular emphasis on M&A, with KPMG set to use Nuix to drive data remediation projects as a deal accelerator. | Nuixs Press Release
  • Accenture Buys Certus Solutions to further Oracle Capabilities in the UK: Accenture has entered into an agreement to acquire Certus Solutions, one of the UK’s top Oracle Cloud implementation service providers. Certus Solutions will become part of Accenture’s Oracle practice, further strengthening its capabilities in delivering digital transformation on Oracle Cloud. | Accenture Press Release
  • Avasant and Wipro Team up for Digital Transformation Event in London: Avasant and Wipro are teaming up to organise a joint event in London in the end of May. The Empowering Beyond Symposium 2018, focuses on how new technology-led developments such as Automation, AI, and Blockchain are taking digital transformation to the next level. | Consultancy uk


  • Risk and Opportunity In an Increasingly Digital World: The digitization of insurance encompasses many trends, including the emergence of new technologies, changing customer preferences, and the advent of new competitors. Insurers feel the impact of disruption across the entire value chain, from underwriting and risk management to claims.  | EY, Insurance Governance Leadership Network & Tapestry Networks
  • Reducing Supply Chain Risk in the Digital Age: The article explores two trending technological developments that allow supply chain businesses to improve how they manage and respond to risk: the growth in predictive and prescriptive capabilities in analytics and the growth of collaborative networks, also known as crowdsourcing. | Adrian Penka, Capgemini
  • Converging Cyber Risks in a Digital World: Cybersecurity is no longer only an IT issue but interconnects with manufacturing, production, sales, logistics and other business operations that are enabled by digital technologies. It is crucial to explore how the fusion of information, operational, and consumer technologies is transforming the security landscape for businesses, individual consumers, and society at large.  | Michael Compton, Shafeeq Banthanavasi, PwC
  • Risk Oversight -Is Your Strategy Focused on Digital?: The good news is that board engagement with technology matters is on the rise. However, past experience indicates that most boards do not fully grasp the opportunities and risks associated with digital transformation. There are four importance activities for organizations to consider as they contemplate what digital means to their business and strategy.  | Protiviti Board Perspective


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