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Friday, December 15th, 2017

Top health industry issues of 2018


“2018 likely will be distinguished by persistent uncertainty and risk for the industry, but these challenges also may spur health organizations to seek out greater cross-sector collaboration, make new strategic investments and create inefficiencies, all tactics that shore up enterprise resilience.”

This week we shift our focus to the U.S. health industry. Under the current healthcare reform in the U.S., additional risks and uncertainties are moving to center stage, as is the consumer, and the health industry is being forced to act. Healthcare providers and insurers in particular should anticipate the changes as they come. PwC Health Research Institute just published its annual report highlighting the 12 forces that will have the most impact on the health industry in 2018.

Read the Full Article: “Top health industry issues of 2018: A year of resilience amid uncertainty”.

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Data geek Joel Selanikio talks through the sea change in collecting health data in the past decade — starting with the PalmPilot and Hotmail, and now moving into the cloud.



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