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Friday, September 21, 2018

Increase profitability with product change management


“Changes initiated by customers provide an excellent opportunity to increase margins. The Global Pricing Study 2014 shows, however, that companies often fail to seize this opportunity successfully. This is mainly caused by weak change management. Based on our experience, companies that optimize their change management in the six described areas can achieve a margin increase of over 5% during the product lifecycle.”

According to one of the results from the Global Pricing Study, changes initiated by customers are rarely implemented in a way that leads to improved margins. In fact, half of the surveyed suppliers were unable to increase their margins during the product lifecycle. Best in Class companies, however, show that margin increases of more than 10 percentage points are possible. The recipe for success here is change management excellence.

This Week’s Must Read features an insight piece from Simon-Kucher & Partners, in which the consultants provide an overview of typical challenges linked to managing changes and shows what suppliers need to do to maximize their profitability during the product lifecycle.

Read on to Find out More: “Increase profitability with product change management”, featuring Dr. Clemens Oberhammer Philipp Jaenicke Joel Samuel from Simon-Kucher Partners.

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Who says change needs to be hard? Organizational change expert Jim Hemerling thinks adapting your business in today’s constantly-evolving world can be invigorating instead of exhausting. He outlines five imperatives, centered around putting people first, for turning company reorganization into an empowering, energizing task for all.


  • Capgemini leverages Amazon Web Services to boost cloud transformations
    Global professional service group Capgemini has launched a new initiative to expand its cloud capabilities, using Amazon Web Services (AWS) in order to drive improvement in business performance. The new partnership will see Capgemini and AWS focusing on SAP and mass application migrations, while working to build more end-to-end solutions to infuse automation, AI and machine learning into customer solutions.| Capgemini Press Release
  • Cybersecurity consultancy CNS Group purchased by Six Degrees
    Global cloud managed service provider Six Degrees has completed the scoop of London-based cybersecurity firm CNS Group, for an undisclosed fee. The deal will see Six Degrees bolster its cybersecurity offering, leveraging CNS’ 50 employees and its cybersecurity operations centre, among other resources it has subsequently acquired.| Six Degrees Press Release
  • Market for Initial Coin Offerings on record breaking and maturing path
    A record breaking opening to 2018 has seen Initial Coin Offerings yield more than their total funds raised since the first ICO in 2013. The market’s continued boom has been boosted by regulation in some key markets, which has helped the fundraising method mature and become more accepted as a mode of business, though fears of criminality in the sector still persist.| Consultancy uk


  • Is Your Change Management Approach Keeping Pace with Digital?: The traditional foundational approach to change management, no matter how rigorous,, is no longer sufficient. Yet digital tools alone cannot possibly enable an organization to achieve large-scale, sustainable change. When combined, however, the two create a powerful and holistic way for change leaders to articulate, plan, deploy, and measure the results of their most significant change efforts.  |Stephanie Mingardon, Meldon Wolfgang, Mike Lewis, Aaron Snyder, Greg Meyding, BCG
  • Change Management Is The New Marketing Capability : A 2016 Accenture report states that “thirty-three percent of CEOs say Marketing will sit under Digital within the next five years. CMOs need to steer the digital ship not only for their own career advancement, but to avoid losing control of a key area of the organization.” Digital is fueling continual marketing change. |CMO Network, Forbes
  • An overall approach to change management: Any transformation is brought to life by hundreds, even thousands, of frontline employees who deliver service to customers and perform other crucial jobs every day. A company can’t count on all of these professionals to envision what the organization will look like in the future, after the desire change has occurred. Management must instead supply the vision. |DeAnne Aguirre, Gary Neilson, Andrew Tipping, PwC Strategy
  • The Value of Organizational Change Management: Creating Competitive Advantage through the Supply Base: New digital technology can play an important role to support companies in answering these questions and help organizations creating a competitive advantage through their supply base.  | Kerry Phillips, KSM Consulting


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  • Disrupt Consulting for More Value: As a consultant, you will also need to understand value creation from the perspective of the client and better align your strategy to provide the best value for your client.| Rhod Williams, Helene Laffitte, Consulting Quest
  • 5 Behaviors of a Successful and Trustworthy Consultant: Here are five behaviors that successful consultants demonstrate when embarking on a trusted and fruitful consulting engagement. | Mel Carson, Entrepreneur



  • Are you a Consultant with Supply Chain background or prior experience working in Retail/CPG? This may be the opportunity you have been long for. A Client of Consulting Quest – an Asia-based small Global Consulting Firm – is seeking to hire an Engagement Manager to join their newly established office in New York City.  Learn More  

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