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Wednesday, June 3rd 2020

Are you ready for the future of Agriculture?


AgDrones in the market today are commonly associated with remote sensing, hyper-spectral imaging, and sophisticated data analytics for precision agriculture practices. However, investigating the current adoption and usage of AgDrones in selected Asian markets, an often overlooked functional application of this technology lies in its capability to resolve more traditional farming challenges, redefining the potential paths to adoption in the continuing assessment of market attractiveness for AgDrones.

There is little information on how agriculture is using drones. However, you would be surprised to learn the significance of drones in the agriculture industry.

This Week’s Must Read is an insight piece from Ipsos Consulting on the impact of AgDrone adoption to relevant value chain players.

Read on to Find out More: “Commercial Drone Adoption in Agribusiness | Markus Scherer, Jessica Chung and Joanne Lo, Ipsos Consulting.

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Today on “Food Talk with Dani Nierenberg,” Dani interviews Lauren Cox, Organic Procurement at GA Organics and Jeff Moyer, CEO of the Rodale Institute.


  • Agriculture sector: Preparing for disruption in the food value chain: “The global agriculture industry is facing its biggest changes in the postwar period, from shifts in consumer preferences to technology-enabled productivity improvements to turmoil in domestic and international markets. We have identified four trends that could greatly influence the direction of the agriculture sector in the coming years, for better and for worse…” The authors list some trends that could profoundly influence the future of the agriculture industry. | Mikael Djanian and Nelson Ferreira, McKinsey
  • Signs of Rebound Forecast a New Era for Agriculture: “As bleak as things look for the global economy in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, the agriculture industry is poised for recovery. Commodity prices are stable, farmers appear to be boosting investment, and government plans that promote sustainable local agriculture and increase food security will encourage future growth..” Interesting analysis of the impact of the pandemic on the Agriculture sector and the opportunities post-COVID. | Torsten Kurth , Decker Walker and Benjamin Subei, BCG.
  • The 3 ways in which COVID-19 is pushing Ag Data transformation: “With ‘social distancing’ now a common practice around the world, we are getting used to avoiding close contact and not interacting with objects that have been touched by other people in order to avoid COVID transmission. What this means for agricultural data is that it makes historic farm records, that have not been digitized yet, more difficult to access by those who need it.” This article offers overview on why Ag Data is so important for all businesses, processes, and interactions between businesses. | Reinder Prins, Agworld.
  • Tanzania’s Sunflower Sector is Paving the Way for Future Industrialization and Sustainable Growth: “Tanzania has the opportunity to strengthen a sector that can improve the livelihoods of millions of families, while improving domestic food security. Thanks to innovative shifts in country-level policy and a new framework for industrialization, Tanzania may soon become more self-reliant in the production of cooking oil and serve as a model for industrialization for other African countries in the process.” Responding to government’s decisions, this study reveals notable transformations in the industrialization of Tanzania’s sunflower sector. | Dalberg.


  • Oliver Wyman Announces Equity Investment in Corridor Platforms: “We have been impressed by the distinct power of Corridor Platforms’ unique solution to enable timely end-to-end credit decisioning while enhancing governance. Financial institutions often go through months of effort in harnessing big data and analytics and integrating these with existing systems, while Corridor’s connected platform reduces that time to a few weeks, from analytics to insights” | Oliver Wyman.
  • How big oil is trying to win back investors: “The annual shareholder meetings of ExxonMobil, Chevron and BP, all held on May 27th, each resembled a yearly check-up in a burning clinic. Covid-19 has caused the deepest collapse of demand for the oil giants’ products in history. In April Royal Dutch Shell, an Anglo-Dutch firm, cut its dividend for the first time since the second world war.” | The economist.
  • Farmer Boy Launches New eCommerce Website: “Farmer Boy, a leader in agricultural supply and construction, announced today the launch of their new eCommerce website. The new website has been redesigned from the ground up to provide a leading-class online shopping experience.” |PRNewswire
  • Changing consumer habits will impact the food service sector: “60% of Britons feel uncomfortable about going out to bars, restaurants, or sporting events once lockdown is lifted. How will this impact the food service sector? Gavin Bowen-Ashwin, a Director at procurement and supply chain consultancy 4C Associates, shares his view.” |


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