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Wednesday, September 4th , 2019

Employees Expect More from Today’s Changing Work World. Is HR Ready?


“Our workplaces are undergoing a seismic transformation. Profound shifts in technology, demographics, the labor market, and the very nature of work itself are reshaping the employer-employee relationship.

The transformation of HR departments will have to take place as new technological tools and systems (including data mining analyses) are developed to meet employee needs and business strategy and disrupt internal and external communication…

This Week’s Must Read is an insight piece from ATKearney in which the authors provide an analysis on the necessary adaptation of the HR function in the ever-changing workplace.

Read on to Find out More: “Employees Expect More from Today’s Changing Work World. Is HR Ready? | Kristen Etheredge, Steven Berger, and Neeti Bhardwaj, ATKearney.

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In this research-based presentation, Josh Bersin, industry analyst and founder of Bersin™ by Deloitte, shares how a new generation of recruiting, management, learning, career, and employee experience tools are radically changing the marketplace while explaining the “New Architecture” for HR technology.


  • Preparing for an Economic Downturn: Are Chief HR Officers and Their Teams Ready? “Advisors to the CEO believe an economic downturn to be imminent, with CHROs being no exception. Just 5 percent of CHROs believe an economic downturn is highly unlikely in the next 18 months.” Here the question asked is: Are advisors to the CEO putting into place contingency plans to ensure they are well prepared to manage in the event of the market turning?. | Russell Reynolds Associates
  • Top 4 HR Trends for 2019: “The world of work has been going through some massive changes, like the rise of the gig economy, increasing use of artificial intelligence, and the scary fact that 85 percent of the jobs that will exist in 2030 haven’t even been invented yet. How can one prepare for the unknown?” The article presents how the way people think about their careers and the role of HR are been disrupted. How can companies promote data-driven HR methodologies while putting their people first? | Steffen Maier,
  • HR 2025: 7 Critical Strategies to Prepare for the Future of HR– “The role of the HR professional has changed dramatically along with the workforce and economy, and that evolution will continue as machines and technology replace tasks once performed by humans. But that doesn’t make people―or the HR teams that work with them―any less important.” HR need to become a trusted workforce advisor, and focus on business strategy, analytics and, of course, people.   | Susan Milligan, SHRM
  • What Is HR Digital Transformation? Definition, Strategies, and Challenges: “Digital transformation is defined as the transition of a business based on traditionally manual processes to a business that has technology as its core in all its functions: internal (employee-facing, operational) and external (customer-facing). Transformation is the outcome of digitization. It is not the process of digitization itself.” This article highlights some of the core principles behind the digitalization in HR as well as some challenges taking it into the future.  | HRtechnologist


  • Recruiter Hays sees tougher conditions in UK and Germany: Recruitment company Hays plc is seeing increasing signs of weakening business confidence in Germany and Britain, sending its shares down as much as 5 per cent despite posting higher annual net fees.  | The Irish Times
  • Is strategy consulting dead? According to a Financial Times article in the “noughties”, strategy consulting was an endangered species declining rapidly in the face of internal strategy units. Since then, however, the three major US-headquartered strategy firms – McKinsey & Company, Boston Consulting Group and Bain & Company – have thrived. |
  • McKinsey: Israel on Road to Become a Global Autotech Hub– A recent report by the global consultancy firm links Israel’s high R&D expenditure and its proficiency in cybersecurity and AI technologies to its role as a global mobility innovator.  | Meir Orbach , CTech by Calcalist
  • PwC partners CodeClan in digital recruitment drive: PwC Scotland has signed a partnership agreement with digital skills academy CodeClan which will help it meet the increasing demand for skilled technology workers. | Terry Murden, Daily Business


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