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Wednesday, March 18th 2020

How to get ahead of the curve in project management


Executive leaders are no longer simply bracing for change. Instead, they’re rebuilding their organizations to make agility and creativity part of the organizational DNA. More than half (53 percent) of organizations surveyed in Pulse say they place a high priority on building a culture receptive to change​.”

New technologies make executive leaders rethink some fundamental questions: Why do we exist? What do we offer?

This Week’s Must Read  is an insight piece from Project Management Institute about disruption in project management.

Read on to Find out More: “Ahead of the Curve- Forging a Future-Focused Culture | Project Management Institute.

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Every sector is touched by digital transformation – and more and more project managers will be required to manage the rapid changes it’s causing.


  • Project Management Trends (2020): What does the Future Look Like– “Many companies have already started using AI in project management to perform their daily tasks that require human effort through task automation. The effect goes beyond automating simple tasks but is also quite helpful in obtaining performance insights. Project managers can use automation to perform complex tasks ranging from scheduling to data visualization and make informed decisions based on the captured insights.” The author explores the emerging trends in project management happening all around the world. | Vartika Kashyap, ProofHuby
  • Gartner Predicts 3 Digital Business Impacts on PPM: “Emerging technologies like artificial intelligence (AI) or virtual reality (VR) will not be realized for at least the next four years for PPM practitioners,” says Kopcho. “This lack of urgency is directly associated with the lack of digital-friendly solutions offered by PPM technology providers, but we’re expecting the newer generation of PPM end users and startup providers to begin applying pressure based on the limitations of today’s PPM tools.” Do you think that continuing with the historical, predigital status quo will be enough to keep operations going across program and portfolio management offices? | Gartner
  • Agile and project portfolio management: “ One common misperception of PPM is that PPM is a waterfall related methodology that needs to be theoretically modified before it can be associated with Agile. Project/Program Management in the closed loop PPM diagram is not waterfall centric. The upper chevrons do not contain a Software Delivery Lifecycle methodology. Instead, they show project initiation, project execution, and project closure. All three of these activities relate to both Agile and waterfall projects. They also fall within the same sequence regardless of project type. The attribute boxes below the chevrons (scope, cost, communication, time, quality, procurement, resource, risk, and integration) are all attributes common to all managed work, regardless of the delivery methodology.” The author debunks some common misperceptions about Agile and explains why it is a strategic move to align your Agile and PPM capabilities proactively. | Michael Ravin, Deloitte
  • 4 Ways Digital Transformation Is Changing Project Management: “At its core, digital transformation is “the integration of digital technology into all areas of a business, fundamentally changing how you operate and deliver value to customers.” While this seems like a straightforward concept, the “transformation” part is critical. A full-scale digital transformation can cause major disruptions in long-standing business practices and operations, and often necessitates cultural changes within a company as well.” What could be the consequences for a company that rejects digital transformation?| Jeremy McAbee, Wrike.


  • Amid coronavirus, Amazon offers more economic supports to workers:The company said it will now offer up to two weeks of pay for any Amazon employee diagnosed with the COVID-19 illness or placed in quarantine. This payment is in addition to Amazon’s offer for unlimited unpaid leave for all hourly employees through this month, which the company started offering last week.”” | Ben Fox Rubin, CNET
  • PwC selects Salt Edge to join Digital Ecosystem Banking initiative: “Salt Edge, a leader in offering open banking solutions, was invited by the consulting firm PwC to be part of the development of Digital Ecosystem Banking, which has the scope to empower banks towards next generation agility, seamless customer experience and integration with external ecosystems.” | Salt Edge
  • Mentice Expands Coronary Product Portfolio with the Introduction of Coronary Intermediate Software: “Mentice , a world leader in simulation solutions for endovascular therapies, introduces Coronary Intermediate as the latest software addition to the Coronary Product Portfolio. Coronary Intermediate follows the introduction of Coronary Essentials three months earlier at the 20th International Meeting on Simulation in Healthcare (IMSH 2020).” |PRNewswire
  • Is artificial intelligence a threat to industrial jobs? “Along with the hype surrounding artificial intelligence (AI) and its potential to make firms more efficient and productive, it faces continued scrutiny in relation to its impact on the jobs market. Cameron Batt from digital transformation consultancy Crum Consult reflects on how AI has affected the labour market in the industrial landscape so far.” |


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