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Wednesday, February 26th 2020

Tech sector interrupted: trends and challenges in 2020


Earlier this month, major tech companies announced they would temporarily shut down all corporate offices, manufacturing factories, and retail stores across China. These companies include Apple, Samsung, Microsoft, Tesla, and Google. (Google has also closed offices in nearby Hong Kong and Taiwan.) Most of the closures were expected to last until Sunday, February 9th, though some companies did not specify when exactly the offices would reopen​​”

Office, store and factory closures, companies restricting non-essential employee travel… The technology sector is hit hard by coronavirus

This Week’s Must Read  is an insight piece from The Verge where the author explores how the coronavirus has already affected the tech industry.

Read on to Find out More: “All the ways China’s coronavirus outbreak is affecting tech | Natt Garun, The Verge.

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Technology is advancing faster than ever, and it’s not slowing down. This decade was the era of smartphones, streaming, and the internet of things​​.


  • 2020 technology industry outlook: “While familiar themes such as cloud computing (including everything-as-a-service, or XaaS) and artificial intelligence (AI) will once again dominate technology headlines, 2020 could be a breakout year for “edge computing.” According to Paul Sallomi, global technology, media, and telecommunications industry leader and US global technology sector leader, the time is right for companies to seriously consider exploring the advantages—including reduced latency and lower bandwidth costs—of processing data locally, at the edge of their networks.” In this Interview, Paul Sallomi shares his perspectives to accelerate growth in technology. | Paul Sallomi, Deloitte
  • Indian tech industry facing biggest-ever HR challenge, needs to recruit, skill 2 mn professionals: Report: “The increasing competition has not left organisations with much of an alternative. They have to either embrace the challenge or perish, according to the report titled ‘AI & Future Of Work: Redefining Future Of Enterprise.’ Employability with technology continues to be a problem despite India having a large number of higher academic institutions.” Here the author highlights the problems faced by India in terms of employment in the technology sector. | The Economic Times
  • How Blockchain Tech Is Solving Problems In The Supply Chain Sector: “Information is often siloed, hard to access, inconsistently formatted or difficult to analyze. Thinking about driving change in an industry like this could be overwhelming, but the silver lining is that even the most basic applications of blockchain technology could significantly increase productivity and profitability.” How do companies realize the untapped potential of the supply chain, an industry faced with massive amounts of data and enormous complexity? | Richard Ma, Quantstamp for Forbes
  • Powering Growth with Digital Innovation: “While most industries attempt to survive the vortex of digital transformation, high tech companies occupy the eye of that vortex, albeit with varying providence. On one hand, platform companies are fueling digital transformation with rapid growth in AI-powered automation. On the other hand, semiconductor and component makers are raking in big bucks thanks to the explosion of connected devices—both consumer and industrial.” This report spotlights what distinguishes “high-tech champions” companies in a world of increasingly complex supply chains. | Dave Sovie, Aidan Quilligan, Raghav Narsalay and Aarohi Sen, Accenture.


  • How PwC’s Face Recognition App Drives Engagement for The Mob Museum: “In partnership with PwC’s connected solutions’ arm, the Mob Museum announced an engaging new mobile app that provides a virtual guide to the museum for visitors in Jan. 2020. With the help of facial recognition technology, the app compares a visitor’s facial features to a database of more than 800 images across notable personalities and identifies the visitor’s closest ‘Doppelgangster’.” | Neha Pradhan, Ziff Davis B2B
  • Youtility Closes £4.5m in Funding: “Launched in November 2018 by Will Kostoris and Charlie Quigley, Youtility is an open-banking enabled home finance tech platform which allows banks to connect their customers with personalised home services contracts best suited to their needs, offering customers enhanced control over their core financial outgoings.” | FINSMES
  • Dell Technologies and Orange Deliver the Power of 5G: “The two companies recently completed live field trials of Dell’s first 5G-ready Latitude notebook announced at CES earlier this year, making it the first PC to successfully pass the Orange 5G testing. These first field trials, conducted on the Orange 5G network in Paris, demonstrate the promise of 5G with sustained download speeds over 900 megabits per second on an enterprise-grade mobile compute platform – surpassing 4G speeds that typically are under 60 megabits per second.” |PRNewswire
  • Organisations struggle with bridging data strategy to execution: “As firms continue to chase the potential of data to improve their sales and operational efficiency, the same old problems are preventing them from realising the true value of their data-sets. According to a new study, questions of governance, ownership and skilling the workforce are still hamstringing companies’ efforts to wield data effectively.” |


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