Consulting Playbook: Executing a Strategic Change from Hospitality to Service Provider

by Hélène Laffitte | Aug 23, 2022 | Consulting Playbook, Strategy & Management

The Consulting Playbook, Edition #29

A large hospitality leader decided to initiate a strategic change from a pure hospitality business to becoming a service provider. As a result, all the global distribution teams needed to be repositioned, including all 800 direct and indirect sales people. The company decided it was best to look for the support of a consulting firm.

The Consultant’s Approach

The first task was focused assessing and optimizing the performance of the sales force and sales tools. The diagnostic addressed multiple dimensions of the sales force effectiveness: Sales force organization, sizing, territories, workload, talent, compensation, etc.
The entire commercial perimeter was looked at: B2B sales in all sectors (by company, intermediary, etc.) and for all businesses, one shot sale, or multi annual contracts.
The recommendation was made and the consulting firm also aided in the implementation of the strategy. The implementation of new tools was done in the first few months. They were able to save time by using standard tools and reducing costly customization. After the arrival of new tools, the organization adjusted and optimized all processes. Additional talent was brought in to handle the new scope of work.

The Success of the Project Concluded with the Following

Great reorganization deployment was achieved in less than 6 months, and all stakeholders provided support. The company achieved the deployment of the new sales process without additional investment and noticed a significant improvement in their B2B Sales Performance by 15% for all large and medium size accounts.

Additional Information

The Most Interesting New Trends in Hospitality

Smarter Hotels

Hotels managed by robots? It’s happening in Japan already! And it’s becoming more common for hotels to have self-check-in available in the lobby and even at hotel bars, while in-room Netflix, sufficient Wi-Fi, and Apple TV services are quickly becoming an industry standard. Hotels are abandoning the old and embracing the new.

Free Wi-Fi Always

Wi-Fi is as necessary as a bathroom for most traveler’s stays. Many hotels are expanding their networks to provide more reliable service, while some beachfront properties are even expanding their networks to outdoor areas and beaches.

Lax Check-Out Times

Late check-outs for no extra charge are becoming more popular, with many properties allowing guests to decide when they are going to checkout, instead of requiring them to vacate their room at a certain time. Other hotels are experimenting with 24-hour blocks; if you check in at 3PM, you have until 3PM the next day to check-out.

Hotels Get Ready for Millennials

Hotels try to appeal to millennial travelers. Millennials are looking for hi-tech, high-touch experiences when they travel. They also seek out personalized, gourmet experiences for a reasonable price. Big-brand hotel groups are tapping into the youth market by launching brands with cheaper price points and putting a strong focus on lifestyle, locality, and insider knowledge. Lobby bars and hotel restaurants in these new hotels are being opened up for a combination of work, play, and dining spaces, designed with this youthful customer in mind. Since millennials are quick to criticize via social media, customer service will be key in winning over this group of travelers.

Eco-Friendly Focus

Hotels continue to commit to sustainable practices. In New York, 16 hotels have signed a commitment to lower their greenhouse gas emissions by 30% in the next decade. 1 Hotel Central Park has started educating guests on sustainability, where all of the hotel’s showers have a five-minute hourglass in order to remind guests of careful water consumption.

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