Consulting Playbook: A Well-Planned Pre&Post-Merger Support can help realize Anticipated Value

by Hélène Laffitte | Jan 20, 2023 | Consulting Playbook, Strategy & Management

The Consulting Playbook, Edition #17

 A planned merger between two Financial Services companies with offices in about 20 countries, in Europe, Asia, and America, called for the executive team to engage Consulting support from beginning to end – pre-merger to post-merger.

Besides the geographical gap, the cultures and operating models of both companies were different, yet the merger made a lot of sense from a strategic standpoint. The key to a successful merger resided in the ability to execute.

The Expert’s Strategic Implementation Broken into Two Phases


  • Support the convergence of both companies’ shareholders with the 50/50 pre-signing procedures with the new leadership and the facilitation of the shareholder agreement definition.
  • Clear roles and responsibilities for the New CEO and Deputy CEO (acting as COO) with retention mechanism.
  • Strategy development and positioning for new company to achieve a differentiating value proposition with sustainable competitive advantage. Perform cultural evaluation and align with target culture attributes, develop a management model
  • Talent management and Staffing of the new company, alignment on compensation model
  • Consultation information file creation for the representatives of both groups
  • Provide support of the future Executive committee and leaders in preparation of transition
  • Synergies High Level Assessment


  • Provided support to the company in transitioning clients to the new model Formal Reference book created and support provided to the client’s organization
  • Assistance in deployment of the new culture
  • Implementation of action plans to realize synergies

Synergy Achieved Through Integration

The merger was completed, and the creation of a global leader in financial services finalized, with a new business model implemented. Successful realization of the business objectives and foundation set for the merger, synergy, and 25% reduction in FTE and cross-selling was achieved. This specific case we as an exemplary merger process in a difficult social context.


Additional Information

Top 10 Big Data Trends for Financial Services

Big Data can help Financial Services, and leverage the information about customers’ while offering lots of insights too.  Banks are motivated to keep applying loads of information from big data into their strategy. They are focusing on better customer intelligence, reducing risk and meeting compliance requirements.

Here are some major issues revolving around big data and all the possibilities it offers too:

  1. Risk and Compliance data management are a top big data priority. As risk is always there, compliance keeps changing, and represents a tough task.
  2. Financial Services apps are becoming the big data killer. These apps are helping in developing the front-end link between the end-user & the data platform. But not surprisingly many banks are experimenting with these apps in search of complete solutions from front-end to back-end.
  3. Operations is the most sensitive and pinnacle point to adopt big data software and will also include technology like metadata enrichment, ontologies, integration LEI, and other standards. Some new solutions like front-office functions replacement, marketing and risk, overlap with data of the back office and middle office operations. Risk -Assessment and performance big data are also expected to increase.
  4. Confidence is still a key issue, and it is still risky and challenging for big banks and financial services to adopt new big data solutions. For these executives, questions like architecture, security, speed and functionality are very important issues.
  5. Data governance – it’s how standards, reference data management etc., need to be developed further. Lineage and other Compliance aspects will be deeply integrated into big data platforms, as there is no way to exclude them.
  6. Further trade and portfolio management integration and advisor applications will become more widely used. More applications will be built off the basis of big data platforms that will further increase impact and the adoption.
  7. Growth and customer-centric Activities are one of the top priorities of each financial services company, and big data developers are working to integrate big data into them. And regardless of how technologically advanced a bank is, the main issues are still very important to manage aggregate risk, to increase predictive analytics and to sufficiently support risk and compliance that every bank or financial services company today is very focused on.


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