Consulting M&A Weekly Round-up (11th to 17th September, 2022)

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We’re back with our weekly round-up of consulting M&A news. There have been quite a few deals that made headlines this week, including purchases by big consulting firms such as BCG, Deloitte, and Accenture. Other firms have also made interesting acquisitions during the week gone by, and we will look at them all in this segment.

#1. Boston Consulting Group acquires sustainability consultancy Quantis

The Boston Consulting Group (BCG) has strengthened its sustainability expertise by acquiring Quantis, a Switzerland-based firm with over 250 environmental consultants across Europe and North America.

Quantis was established in the year 2006 and has since expanded to more than 250 consultants with a focus on sustainability and the environment. Climate change, biodiversity loss, water scarcity, deforestation, and plastics pollution are just a few of the domains in which the company operates.

The acquisition of Quantis is one of BCG’s largest deals in the past few years and aligns with the company’s strategy to expand its footprint in the in-demand sustainability and ESG consulting area.

#2. Deloitte adds 50-strong team from 4Impact to its insurance tech consulting practice

Deloitte, one of the top consulting firms in the world, has expanded its insurance consulting division by adding a team of 50 consultants from the Brisbane-based technology firm 4Impact.

The new team, managed by former 4Impact CEO John Ryan, is made up of consultants and subject-matter experts with experience in technology transformation who are concentrated on the Guidewire platform.

Guidewire is a well-known platform for technology in the insurance industry. The company’s cloud-based platforms, like InsuranceSuite and InsuranceNow, help insurers digitize and automate their operations in areas like product development, policy management, finance, customer relationships, and claims management.

Deloitte already happens to be a Premier Alliance Partner of Guidewire on a global scale. Now, with the addition, it will become the largest Guidewire certified specialist player in the region.

#3. Accenture set to buy manufacturing excellence group from Stellantis

Accenture has announced that it plans to purchase an Italian center of excellence from the massive Stellantis Automotive Group in a move to improve its production and operational methods.

Stellantis, which was established in 2021 as a result of the merger of Fiat Chrysler Automobiles and PSA Group, is presently the fifth-largest manufacturer in the world, trailing Toyota, Volkswagen, Hyundai, and General Motors.

The acquisition of manufacturing group from Stellantis would aid Accenture in integrating the team and methodology into their manufacturing division.

#4. Technical energy consultancy Clean Technology Partners joins DNV

Clean Technology Partners, a renewable energy company situated in Melbourne, has been bought by the multinational corporation DNV.

Clean Technology Partners, which was founded in 2011, assists clients across industries with renewable energy projects throughout the whole project lifetime, from preliminary feasibility studies to system commissioning and operating issues. Moreover, since its inception, the firm has completed in excess of 1,500 projects across Australia.

The acquisition of Clean Technology Partners by DNV will help the firm in making more impact in projects and as well as broaden its energy transition space in Australia.

#5. Edmonton-based management consultancy E2E joins Sia Partners

Sia Partners, a management and technology consulting company with headquarters in France, has added E2E Business Transformation, a boutique management consultant with offices in Edmonton, to its Canadian operations.

E2E, which was established by Carolann Regular in 2014. specializes in organization change management consultancy for business and IT transformation projects. The firm’s 25-member team has expertise in IT projects and initiatives, business improvement, business transformation, and strategy.

With the purchase of E2E, Sia Partner will have more than 250 employees in Canada, including 100 in Western Canada. These employees will work in Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary, Toronto, and Montreal. Morever, as part of the deal, Carolann Regular will join Sia Partners as a partner and will lead the firm’s Edmonton location.

#6. Capgemini acquires Swiss Pega partner Knowledge Expert

Knowledge Expert, a Swiss IT consulting firm with roughly 100 employees, has been purchased by Capgemini. This happens to be Capgemini’s second deal of the year in Europe.

Knowledge Expert, a company with its headquarters in Geneva, assists clients in using Pega technology to improve their customer relationship management and business processes. The company has completed projects in a variety of industries, including financial services, pharmaceuticals, consumer goods, energy, telecom, and government.

Speaking about the deal, the CEO of Capgemini stated that Knowledge Expert has earned a reputation for having the best skills in the industry to deliver digital transformation programs quickly and on time. With the addition of Knowledge Expert, Capegemini will be able to develop and deliver its services in Europe, in a big way.

#7. Other consulting M&A deals

  • Wavestone acquires IT advisory firm Coeus Consulting
  • Czech Salesforce partner Mooza Inspire joins Nextview
  • Cognitive Companions joins forces with EFESO Consulting

Closing Thoughts

That’s all we have for you in this week’s consulting M&A news. If we missed out on mentioning any deals, then please write to us and let us know. We will be back again next week to talk about more consulting M&A deals. So, until next time, it’s bye for now!

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