Consulting M&A Weekly Round-up (20th to 26th August, 2023)

by Laurent Thomas | Aug 28, 2023 | 0 comments

Welcome once more to a new week filled with exciting advancements in the realm of consulting mergers and acquisitions! The past week has brought a flurry of activities in the consulting M&A sector, highlighted by the acquisitions of Michael Baker and Xalient, among others. Without any more delay, let’s dive right into the specifics!

#1. Michael Baker acquires emergency management consultancy Tidal Basin

Michael Baker International, a design and engineering consultancy headquartered in Pittsburgh, has completed the acquisition of Tidal Basin, a consulting firm specializing in emergency and disaster management based in Utica, NY.

Established in 1985, Tidal Basin plays a vital role in assisting a wide range of organizations, businesses, and governments in their efforts to anticipate, navigate, and recuperate from both natural and human-induced calamities. Their comprehensive array of services encompasses strategic planning, instructional programs, simulation drills, oversight of grants, management of funding portfolios, and bolstering software integration.

By incorporating Tidal Basin into its operations, Michael Baker International will effectively integrate supplementary proficiencies in the field of disaster management consulting. It is worth noting that Tidal Basin will continue to function as an independent entity within the larger framework.

#2. Xalient acquires Colorado-based Integral Partners

Xalient, an IT consultancy headquartered in the UK with a specialization in secure networking, has completed the acquisition of Integral Partners.

Established in 2013, Integral Partners has been instrumental in aiding clients to conceptualize, execute, and maintain their identity and access management (IAM) initiatives. Their proficiency spans across major IAM platforms such as SailPoint, Saviynt, CyberArk, BeyondTrust, and Okta.

By assimilating Integral Partners, Xalient will gain additional synergistic strengths in the realm of IAM consulting. Furthermore, this strategic move will grant Xalient a supplementary operational base in the US, complementing its existing Chicago office.

#3. Deltek completes acquisition of Replicon

Deltek, a software and solutions company, has successfully finalized the acquisition of Replicon. This acquisition adds to Deltek’s array of enterprise software and information solutions by integrating Replicon, a provider of integrated time tracking solutions.

Replicon’s offerings are particularly suitable for organizations seeking advanced time and resource management capabilities. The company provides a distinctive suite of project-centered time management, HR attendance, and PSA solutions, all without necessitating a shift in financial systems.

This strategic acquisition aligns with Deltek’s objectives of broadening its product range and customer base across various project-oriented industries. Furthermore, it expedites Deltek’s competitive standing in the global IT services, consulting, and other professional service sectors within both enterprise and mid-market segments.

#4. HBR Consulting, LAC Group, and Wilson Allen rebrand as Harbor

Three legal sector consultancies, HBR Consulting, LAC Group, and Wilson Allen, previously owned by Renovus Capital, have joined forces and unveiled their new identity as “Harbor.”

Renovus Capital, a private equity firm, first acquired LAC Group and Wilson Allen in July 2022. Subsequently, in November 2022, it expanded its portfolio by acquiring the consulting division of HBR Consulting, which is based in Chicago.

The newly formed entity, Harbor, has also seamlessly integrated additional entities into its fold. These include Aurora North and Younts Consulting, both specializing in legal tech applications and cloud migration.

With its headquarters situated in Chicago, Harbor boasts a substantial team of over 650 experts, encompassing strategists, technologists, and specialists. These professionals operate from various locations in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom.

Harbor stands out as a dedicated legal specialist firm, offering comprehensive end-to-end solutions encompassing strategy, legal technology, operations, and intelligence. Their clientele comprises law firms, corporations, and legal departments seeking integrated solutions.

According to Matt Sunderman, the CEO of Harbor, the newly formed entity is exceptionally well-prepared to guide clients in the legal sector through the intricate landscape of emerging business, economic, and technological challenges.

#5. Plus Company buys martech consultancy Munvo

Quebec City-based advertising agency network, Plus Company, has completed the acquisition of Munvo, a consulting firm specializing in marketing technology and headquartered in Montreal.

Established in 2005, Munvo excels in delivering services tailored to marketing technology, including implementation, transformation, operations, and comprehensive data and analytics solutions. The firm is also at the forefront of product development, crafting connectors, accelerators, and other solutions for prominent platforms like Adobe, Unica, and SAS.

Munvo boasts an impressive portfolio of Fortune 500 clientele spanning various industries. Its operational presence extends across Canada, the United States, and Africa, supported by a workforce exceeding 120 dedicated professionals.

Mélanie Dunn, President of Plus Company Canada, expressed her enthusiasm about the acquisition, highlighting that Munvo’s profound expertise in marketing technology and enterprise platforms will enrich their current and future client offerings.

This strategic move aligns with Plus Company’s overarching mission of fostering innovative partnerships and realizing new possibilities in the realm of business.

#6. UK software firm Amdaris joins Insight Enterprises

Insight Enterprises, a prominent digital transformation firm based in the US, has successfully acquired Amdaris, a UK-based software developer specializing in enterprise and consumer software applications across the financial services sector. The acquisition was completed for an undisclosed sum and benefited from strategic guidance provided by consultants from KPMG and PCB Partners.

Amdaris, established in 2009, has its headquarters in the UK and maintains a widespread presence with offices spanning Europe and the Middle East. Boasting a workforce of over 800 professionals, the company has been instrumental in assisting clients within the financial services industry in creating advanced software solutions.

Joyce Mullen, the President and CEO of Insight, expressed the significance of this acquisition, stating, “This marks a pivotal milestone for Insight as a premier Solutions Integrator. The inclusion of Amdaris in our fold will drive substantial growth, amplify our technological capacities, and enable us to offer an even wider array of services and solutions to clients in the EMEA region. Their alignment with our goals positions Amdaris perfectly to accelerate our progress and aid our clients in attaining their desired business objectives.”

Closing Thoughts

The week’s coverage of consulting mergers and acquisitions comes to a close. We’ve delivered insights into the events that unfolded within this sector over the past week.

If there were any significant M&A deals that we missed, don’t hesitate to contact us and bring them to our attention. Additionally, stay tuned for our upcoming reports on consulting M&A activities in the upcoming week. Until then, stay well and farewell!