Consulting M&A Weekly Round-up (2nd to 8th July, 2023)

by Laurent Thomas | Jul 10, 2023 | 0 comments

Welcome back to another exciting week of consulting M&A news! Though the past week was relatively quiet compared to prior weeks, we still saw some interesting developments such as the acquisition of Kantar Public.

Regardless of the deal size, we will be diving deep into all the latest happenings from the world of consulting M&A. So, get ready to sit back and enjoy as we take a closer look into the world of consulting M&A.

#1. Kantar Public buys Lithuanian public policy specialist PPMI

Kantar Public has expanded its presence in the Baltic states by acquiring PPMI, a Lithuanian policy research and consulting firm.

Based in Vilnius, PPMI offers advice to European and international institutions, as well as national authorities, on various public policy issues such as public reform, agile governments, economy, education, employment, healthcare, culture, and sports.

Through the agreement with Kantar Public, PPMI’s team of 100 professionals will join the global player, which maintains offices across Europe, Asia Pacific, and North America. Kantar Public, which has operated independently since its divestment from Kantar with the support of private equity in 2022, will rebrand later this year.

#2. Egis provides consultancy services to GV Group’s hospitality portfolio

Egis, a global engineering consultancy, and GV Group, an Egyptian real estate investor and developer, have formed a consortium agreement. Under this agreement, Egis and its tourism-focused subsidiary, Voltere by Egis, will offer a range of consultancy services to GV Group, specifically for their hospitality portfolio, which includes various projects related to hotels, tourism, and leisure.

GV Group, headquartered in Cairo, is a conglomerate that owns 14 companies operating across three investment sectors. While they are well-known for their involvement in the Tarboul Industrial City project and the expansion of the Suez Canal in Port Said, they also have a significant presence in the hospitality sector.

As part of the agreement, Egis will provide consultancy services aimed at enhancing, expanding, and renovating GV Group’s hospitality projects. This encompasses luxury hotels, serviced apartments, sports and retail venues, as well as historical tourist attractions. The objective is to elevate the quality and standards of these establishments, ensuring they meet the needs and expectations of visitors.

By collaborating, Egis and GV Group aim to leverage their combined expertise and experience to deliver exceptional hospitality experiences and contribute to the growth and development of Egypt’s tourism industry.

Closing Thoughts

And that’s a wrap! The consulting M&A scene may have been relatively quiet this week but fear not, we’ll be back again next week with all the latest news and developments!

So, sit tight, and keep your eyes peeled for our upcoming round-up. As always, we’ll be providing you with everything you need to know, keeping you up to date with all the most exciting happenings in the world of consulting M&A.

Until next time, have a fantastic week ahead, and we’ll see you all again next week!