Consulting Q&ADo consultants travel a lot?
Mikel StasiukMikel Stasiuk asked 5 months ago

1 Answers
Mattéo DaviesMattéo Davies answered 4 months ago

It’s a common misconception that all consultants have to travel regularly. The reality is that the travel expectations of a consultant can range greatly depending on their profession, the company they work for, and their current project.

Some consultants may never have to leave home, while others may spend much more time on the road. Even within a single firm, different consultants may find themselves in vastly different roles when it comes to travel.

For instance, many freelance business consultants are able to carry out most of their work remotely and tend to only travel when face-to-face interaction is absolutely essential. On the other hand, a consultant who specializes in overseas construction projects would be required to visit a variety of sites as part of their job.

Ultimately, how much travel is required of a consultant will depend on their specific job requirements and the needs of their clients. Regardless, many consultants find that their work involves at least some level of regular travel – either within their local area or even further abroad.