Consulting Q&AWhat is the future of the Consulting industry?
David McGimpseyDavid McGimpsey asked 12 months ago

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Adrianna LandvikAdrianna Landvik answered 9 months ago

The global consulting industry has seen a moderate yet steady growth over the years, and although COVID-19 came along during the early parts of 2020, there is still a good growth overall. And now, as we’ve already headed into the year 2022, the future of the consulting industry looks very bright indeed.

In recent years, due to globalization, there have been significant changes to the consulting industry such as digital transformation, technical disruption, and cultural shifts. And right now, the future of consulting holds a plethora of exciting prospects. Clients in specific specialized areas get access to a wider variety of topics. Digital agencies and consultants’ expertise is getting more and more intertwined as well.

Moreover, the future of the consulting industry is shaping up quite well, especially with the growing popularity of internal consulting as well as due to the major digital disruptions such as automated tools as well as with the rise of Artificial Intelligence.

Furthermore, to know more about how the future of the consulting industry is going to look like, do have a listen to this podcast β€œThe Future of Consulting” by Helene Laffitte, the author of Smart Consulting Sourcing and CEO and Co-founder of Consulting Quest.

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