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Consulting Frameworks Series: Management and Organization Frameworks (Part 3)

Management and organization are two of the most important elements in any company, or firm, and without them, no company can function properly. Hence, in order to manage these key functions effectively, the management and organization frameworks come into the fray. These frameworks are extremely effective, but there are many of them to pick and choose from. This article covers the top frameworks associated with management and organization.


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Consulting Frameworks Series: Growth and Innovation Frameworks (Part 2)

Growth and innovation frameworks are extremely important for all businesses as they help in taking it to another level. Thus, such frameworks are used by businesses to create an outline of how they would analyze a business decision that has the potential to cause a significant change. It helps in upscaling the business by implementing brand new techniques and innovative ideas to reach a common goal.

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How to set your consulting fees using perceived value?

The power of perceived value is a fascinating thing. And in the consulting industry, how a firm uses this concept to define the worth of its services, can be significant. This article explains the science behind the perceived value.