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Wednesday, June 24th 2021

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Business Organization 5.0: What to expect

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The biggest thing that Business transformation requires is much reflection by the leadership team itself—spending time with their team to talk through where we need to head, Having the data, setting the course, spending some time in the same room together. So how does a leader prepare for this?

This Week’s Must Read is an insight piece from Fred Jewell and Tracy Reznik, Jabian Consulting about the people side of business transformation.

 Fred Jewell and Tracy Reznik@Jabian Consulting

Thought Leadership

Spans of control are a function of several components. The name itself gives it away: spans of CONTROL. But it is about controlling work and decisions, and not controlling people. Deciding is part of a much more holistic design and decision-making process.

Peter Turgoose@ON THE MARK

The pandemic and its share of remote working, working from home or virtual meetings, have allowed organizations to continue working despite the constraints. But working in a vacuum exclusively based on an overloaded agenda does not prevent moments of original reflection, innovation, and development of collective intelligence.

Didier Marlier@Enablers Network

Change strategy, change processes, change products: “The only constant is change.” In this perspective, companies must design and build minimally viable products quickly, and organizations must become agile. This concern seems to be shared by all industries. Are you?

@ Management Solutions

Braided organizations are emerging to reinforce an important metamorphosis of organizations. The top could not mandate the mindset shifts described by the author and thus cascaded down the organization. Doing so would imply a negation of braids and lead to the classical vertical, self-centered ways of operating. How to move forward to create a braided organization and reap the associated benefits?


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Phanish Puranam, the Roland Berger Chaired Professor of Strategy and Organisation Design at INSEAD, says there is no magic bullet in organization design. But there are validated tools and principles that organizations of any size can adopt to work more effectively.

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