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Wednesday, November 17th 2021

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Challenging problems to crack? Start Reframing!

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Though Leader Thomas Wedell-Wedellsborg proposes a simple, three-step strategy – Frame, Reframe, Move Forward – that anybody can apply to tackle the correct challenges, using real-world tales and memorable examples. For ordinary tasks or the most difficult situations, board the journey and to learn how to reframe.

This Week’s Must Read is an insight piece from Thomas Wedell-Wedellsborg on how to master the art of reframing.

Thomas Wedell-Wedellsborg

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Thought Leadership

The way you phrase your problem will have an impact on how you resolve it. As a result, the words you use to explain the problem are key. In fact, if you’re having trouble coming up with viable solutions, consider changing the way you’ve worded the problem. Ask yourself specific questions: What is the topic? How do I measure the problem?

Daniel Markovitz@Markovitz Consulting

“Everyone wants to change the world, but no one wants to change themselves”, it is commonly claimed. Because of the market’s complexity and uncertainty, which many organizations must struggle with, critical decisions must be taken in real time on a regular basis. This is when coaching abilities come into play.

Olivier Sibony

Reframing is the process of determining the best effective solution for a given problem or opportunity. Here’s a thorough list of reframing tactics to help you make the biggest effect on your customers.

Andrew Sobel

There are legitimate concerns about what robots can perform better than people and how they will replace workers as we consider the future of employment. The authors of “Framers” suggest that humans have an edge in framing challenges and developing conceptual models.

Kenneth Cukier@The Economist, Viktor Mayer-Schönberger@Oxford , and Francis de Véricourt@Penguin Random House

This week’s Consulting News

Healthcare Real Estate Capital, LLC (“HRE Capital”), a national advisory firm solely focused on the healthcare and higher education real estate capital markets sectors, has been acquired by Kaufman, Hall & Associates, LLC (“Kaufman Hall”), a leading healthcare and higher education management consulting and advisory services firm.  | @Kaufman Hall


AlixPartners, a worldwide consulting company, stated today that it intends to acquire Galt & Company, a management consulting business that specializes in assisting management in achieving and maintaining outstanding growth in shareholder value. Galt & Company has been involved in a number of prominent business success stories during the previous two decades. They will collaborate to establish Corporate Strategy & Transformation, a new service offering that will combine Galt & Company’s financial, strategic, and organizational transformation skills with AlixPartners’ strong industry and functional subject matter experience. | @AlixPartners @Galt & Company


Ankura Consulting, a worldwide expert services and consultancy organization, announced today that retired Lieutenant General Vincent R. Stewart, USMC, has been appointed to the newly formed post of Chief Inclusion & Innovation Officer. Ankura’s commitment to equity and awareness that an inclusive and diverse working environment generates innovation, development, and high-quality solutions for clients is shown by Lt. Gen. Stewart’s new senior leadership role. | Vince Stewart@Ankura


Jeff Wray has been named Global Leader of EY-Parthenon, with a focus on advancing the strategy consultancy’s global market agenda in FY22 and beyond. Jeff comes to the post with a solid background in strategy consulting and extensive experience as a valued C-suite counsel. He came to EY-Parthenon from Boston Consulting Group in 2014, where he was the Global Consumer Industries Leader for EY Strategy and Transactions. | Jeff Wray@EY

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 Erich Joachimsthaler, was joined by Thomas Wedell-Wedelsborg, a worldwide known specialist on problem solving and innovation, to explain the framework for individuals and companies to address the correct challenges.

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