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Wednesday, November 10th 2021

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Coaching, a skill and a lever for busy managers

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To become a successful coach, you’ll need to break the habit of finding issues; you’ll need to modify your perspective. Instead, you’ll need to retrain your thinking to focus on strengths; nonetheless, recognizing strengths is the first step in building on them. Should you consider critical thinking to be the most essential and finest thinking skill?

This Week’s Must Read is an insight piece from Mishkin Berteig , Berteig Consulting Inc. on how to build an Agile Coaching pattern based on critical thinking, a skill that everyone should work on.

Mishkin Berteig @ Berteig Consulting Inc.

Thought Leadership

How can you cut through the clutter to locate the most appropriate executive coaching program for you? Here are some things to think about while choosing the finest executive coaching program.

@Center for Executive Coaching

“Everyone wants to change the world, but no one wants to change themselves”, it is commonly claimed. Because of the market’s complexity and uncertainty, which many organizations must struggle with, critical decisions must be taken in real time on a regular basis. This is when coaching abilities come into play.

Karim Harbott@ Agile Centre

Most modern businesses recognize the importance of being more agile. Many businesses, however, are hesitant or confused how to make the change to more agility across the board. More than just teaching people, altering organizational structures, and devising the optimal strategy are all part of the agile transformation process. So, how might transformation coaches help people shift their old patterns and mindsets?

Vlad Moskovski@ Future State

We’ve all seen a significant change in the way we live and work recently. However, we will face unpredictable and uncertain periods throughout our life – from new positions to new organizations to even a new profession. So, what are the typical moments of transition that we’ll all experience at some point in our lives? How can coaching help?

 @The Berkeley Partnership

This week’s Consulting News

The merger of the Climate Disclosure Standards Board and the Value Reporting Foundation to establish the ISSB is a watershed moment for ESG reporting.
PwC is glad that the ISSB will be able to exploit existing standards as a result of this strategic convergence, and we encourage policymakers to build on and align with the ISSB’s global sustainability standards as they examine reporting requirements. | Robert E. Moritz @Pwc


Part of FTI Consulting’s environmental sustainability activities will help it achieve its net-zero GHG emissions objective.
These ongoing activities include reducing global office square footage per employee, addressing sustainable guidelines for new office buildouts, educating employees on how to travel more efficiently, encouraging greener travel, and providing employees with the technology and equipment they need to reduce travel where necessary. | @FTI consulting


Kelly Archer has been with the London-based consulting business for just over four years, after a three-year stint with Chaucer following a fifteen-year career in the public sector. Kelly Archer, who has over 20 years of public sector experience, was named head of P2’s public sector practice last year. She is also a key member of the firm’s change management team. | Kelly Archer@P2 Consulting


Mologic is a diagnostic-technology company established in the United Kingdom. The social company seeks to increase global access to breakthrough technology and goods to combat epidemics and neglected diseases. It became one of the world’s main producers of the lateral flow test during the Covid-19 pandemic. | Abhishek Jaiswal @Deloitte

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This week’s media

You may have heard the terms “agile coaching” and “agile consulting” and wondered what they meant.
In this video, you hear Ray Freeman and Alan Trivedi from ADAPTOVATE, discussing the differences between these two critical positions in Agile.

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