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Wednesday, July 1st 2020

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How can the Nonprofit sector prepare for a post-covid future?

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Nonprofit are stepping up to reinvent themselves while funding is not there to meet the increased community needs.

This Week’s Must Read is an insight piece from The Bridgespan Group that presents 4 principles to keep service continuity and prepare for the future.

Beata Rycharski and Rupender Malik @Slalom

Thought Leadership

 Many communities are relying on nonprofit organizations but given the realities of the current environment, nonprofits are dealing with new demands and constrained capacity .

Warren Beinart, Clivia Lainez, Michael McDaniel @BDO

Organizations are now faced with unprecedented challenges and can get lost in a digital transformation and can be tempted to prioritize technology over people.

Kaia Swift@Heller Consulting for Classy

In this article, Jerome Tennille ask us if adopting “Human Social Responsibility” as strategy in the COVID-19 era is a good idea for business.

Jerome Tennille

 Is there anything that we in the non-profit sector can learn from Jack Welch? Here are four leadership lessons that apply across sectors.

Mike Markovits@AchieveMission

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Investing in the Digital Future of Non-Profits.

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