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Wednesday, December 1st 2021

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How new technologies will change the manufacturing industry?

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Manufacturing companies have seen extraordinary disruption in the last year. The COVID-19 problem has expedited digitalisation, increased the incidence of cyber assaults, and changed consumer behavior. The epidemic has exposed flaws in manufacturers’ end-to-end processes, emphasizing the need for increased resilience and agility.

This Week’s Must Read is an insight piece from Anil Khurana, Pwc on how global manufacturing executives are refocusing their plans and priorities as they look beyond the pandemic.

Anil Khurana @Pwc

Thought Leadership

With AI algorithms that perform manufacturing and quality checks, shorten design time and reduce material waste, manufacturing teams can maintain high quality levels and resolve production defects early.

Tim Goebel@SafeNet Consulting

Over the last decade, the use of robots in industrial facilities has been a hotly disputed issue of rising relevance. As robotics become more prevalent in the manufacturing process, it’s important to analyze how sophisticated technologies affect the job of the production worker, particularly in terms of safety.

Gregg Profozich@California Manufacturing Technology Consulting – CMTC

To decrease waste and costs from their operations, product manufacturers have pioneered the creation of just-in-time systems. Manufacturers must make their companies and operations more sustainable in the face of climate urgency and pressure from authorities, shareholders, and customers. So, how do they pull it off?

Kim McCann , Shanton Wilcox and Ruan Jones @PA Consulting

Manufacturing experts cite decreased time and costs involved with developing new goods, lean production, fewer waste, and modest energy use as the most significant advantages of Industry 4.0.
Furthermore, digitization helps firms to expand their product lines by delivering bespoke items in small amounts.

Dmitri Koteshov@Akveo

This week’s Consulting News

John Goddard, one of the firm’s most senior partners located in London who has held various leadership positions, will manage the firm’s sustainability activities and head the L.E.K. Sustainability Centre of Excellence in the newly formed post. | John Goddard@L.E.K. Consulting 


In the heart of the Occitanie area in Toulouse, France, CGI has created a new global innovation center devoted to Industry 4.0. CGI has built a network of global innovation centers in France, including centers for digital transformation (Montpellier), commerce and consumer services (Lille), and supply chain digitization (Lille) (Lyon). | @CGI 


The BlackNorth Initiative announces the release of its exclusive Racial Justice Playbook, a powerful new tool developed in collaboration with Boston Consulting Group (BCG) to promote racial equity and aid business Canada in learning how to address and rectify systematic racism. | @The BlackNorth Initiative 


Olga Bandini joins as a Director, bringing with her over 16 years of management consulting and deal advice expertise in the energy sector, garnered at big four accountancy firms in the UK and throughout the world.She has consulted on some of the oil sector’s largest and most complicated integration and separation deals in the last decade, from buy-side to sell-side to joint venture formation. | Olga Bandini@EY

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The COVID-19 worldwide pandemic, which struck in 2020, had a tremendous impact not just on the economy, but also on the way industrial firms and factories function. The whole industrial sector and supply networks had to react quickly to the pandemic’s unanticipated problems.

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Podcast | Implement demand management for consulting services

Podcast | Implement demand management for consulting services

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