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Wednesday, November 24th 2021

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How technology will impact the future?

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Artificial intelligence (AI), synthetic biology, nanotechnologies, and quantum computing, among other advanced technologies, will drive the next large wave of innovation propelled by emerging technologies. However, the convergences of technologies and ideas that will accelerate and reshape innovation for decades to come are even more crucial.

This Week’s Must Read is an insight piece from Antoine Gourévitch, Massimo Portincaso, Arnaud de la Tour, Nicolas Goeldel, and Usman Chaudhry, BCG about how technologies can solve big problems the world will face.

 Antoine Gourévitch, Massimo Portincaso, Arnaud de la Tour, Nicolas Goeldel, and Usman Chaudhry @BCG

Thought Leadership

AI, machine learning (ML), and data science have all been surrounded by hype since their inception. We’ve been promised technology that will solve our most difficult problems for us and optimize everything from internal operations to consumer interactions automatically. What is it really like?

 Jarno Kartela and Max Pagels @ thoughtworks

The’metaverse,’ also known as the mirror world, AR cloud, spatial internet, social internet, embodied internet, or even the magicverse, is… well, difficult to explain. As a result of the lockdown and quarantine, many people were cut off from their friends and relatives. Were individuals interacting with metaverse prototypes? While it isn’t here yet, you may have been unwittingly investigating its origins.

Amy Gibbs@PwC Australia

IT infrastructure OEMs have no choice but to reinvent their business models to increase the share of recurring revenue from subscriptions, software and services. What actions are required to achieve this business model transformation?

Himanshu Agarwal, Chandra Gnanasambandam, Mitra Mahdavian, and Srinath Nagarajan@McKinsey

Over the last few years, the technology consulting business has seen substantial transformations. It has seen a wide range of fashions come and go over this time. While many of these have made an indelible mark on the industry, others have gone undetected.

 @Linchpin SEO

This week’s Consulting News

Godspeed Capital Management LP, a lower middle-market Defense & Government services, solutions, and technology focused private equity firm, announced today the acquisition of Ascent Engineering Group, Inc., an Engineering & Consulting firm that specializes in the engineering and design of mechanical, electrical, and plumbing (“MEP”) systems for K-12, Higher Education, Healthcare, and State & Local Government clients.   | @Godspeed Capital Management @Ascent Engineering


Navint assists customers in evaluating their go-to-market and monetization models, optimizing their lead-to-revenue operations, and maximizing the return on their technology investments in CRM, configure price quote (CPQ), customer loyalty management (CLM), invoicing, and enterprise resource planning (ERP). Salesforce is the company’s primary emphasis, although it also handles Oracle, SAP, Sage Intacct, and Workday deployments. | @Globant @Navint Partners


Ankura Consulting Group, an independent global expert services and advisory firm, announced today a strategic investment from HPS Investment Partners, LLC, a leading global investment firm, which will become a minority equity owner, alongside its lead investor Madison Dearborn Partners, a leading private equity firm. The investment, which is anticipated to conclude this calendar year, values the company at $1.5 billion. | @Ankura


He was the ultimate leadership visionary, inspiring leaders to wrestle with difficult and often challenging issues about themselves, their peers, and their companies. Along the way, Egon Zehnder established a gold standard brand that has endured the test of time as a symbol of honesty and prudence. | @Hunt Scanlon Media

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If we’re being honest, technology is extremely sophisticated now, and we’re making advancements that will allow us to push things even farther. What would be the Future Technology, from items in the air to new things for our bodies?

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