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Wednesday, November 03rd 2021

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How to leverage pricing to spur profitability

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Using examples from breakthrough companies like Uber, Etsy, Trulia, Asana, Eventbrite, Superhuman and more, the speakers on this podcast deliver frameworks, tactics and hidden truths that founders need to know about pricing – and how, when done correctly, it can dramatically increase growth.

This Week’s Must Read is an insight piece from Pete Flint, NFX with Madhavan Ramanujamà, Simon-Kucher about Pricing Strategy.

Pete Flint@ NFX and Madhavan Ramanujamà@Simon-Kucher

Thought Leadership

COVID-19 has had a significant influence on corporate activity, with significant uncertainty over when “normality” would return, as well as the possibility of a longer-term recession. Many businesses are under significant short-term challenges, and they appropriately want to transfer these pressures on to their suppliers through price discussions. What should B2B enterprises do in response to price pressures?

Pedro Sanches @OC&C Strategy Consultants

Have you ever noticed that for the same flight or the same hotel you don’t pay the same as another person? Here is how MI was used to group guests and generate tiered-pricing depending on certain factors. How far can companies take MI to optimize pricing without falling into unethical territory?

Greg Thomas @ Iris Pricing Solutions

Simon Kucher’s analysis of their 7th edition of the Global Pricing Survey, revealed that many companies ended 2020 in a stronger position than expected. It remains to be seen whether this performance can be sustained; changing economic and inflationary conditions could quickly reverse these gains. How future-proof is your company’s commercial strategy?


As the technological hardware industry evolves and the market wants more innovation, developing an optimum launch price plan to maximize the new product’s full potential has become a key difficulty.
Companies must devise efficient methods for determining the worth of their product in order to customize it to market demands while maximizing profits.

Dr. Michael Scholl@Homburg & Partner

This week’s Consulting News

Amy Fogle has been named Chief Executive Officer of Seventh Amendment Holdings, according to Milestone Consulting (SAH).
Under the SAH umbrella, Milestone is a boutique, comprehensive settlement preparation and management service.
Milestone, which was founded and has been led by industry veteran John Bair until now, is moving into the next phase of its expansion with Bair’s continuing leadership and engagement in business development. | Amy Fogle@Milestone Consulting


BCS Consulting, which was founded in 2001, manages substantial transformation programs for the UK’s biggest financial services businesses in the areas of technology, finance, operations, risk, and regulatory.Accenture’s current industry consulting and technology skills are complemented and strengthened by its industry advisory knowledge and experience in areas such as payments, open banking, operational resilience, financial crime, and cost optimization. | @Accenture @BCS Consulting


CGI has established a five-year relationship with Volkswagen Group UK companies to deliver managed IT services to aid in their transformation and sustainable mobility plan.
Customer service will be prioritized in the new managed IT services contract, which will meet both business and IT requirements, allowing the service to respond to changes in the business environment and evolving consumer needs. | Donna Kelly@CGI and Michael Marr@Volkswagen Group UK


Simon Livings, a financial modeling and data analytics expert, has been named to oversee Interpath Advisory’s new Digital Centre of Excellence.
Simon has extensive expertise in M&A, refinancing, and restructuring transactions, as well as Enterprise Performance Management, planning and forecasting modeling, and advanced and predictive analytics. Simon’s new role at Interpath will see him establish and lead the firm’s new Digital Centre of Excellence, which will work to improve the firm’s existing suite of advisory services, such as end-to-end profitability, working capital management, cash flow forecasting, due diligence, and financial modeling, by leveraging the firm’s existing digital capabilities. | Simon Livings@Interpath Advisory

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This video will guide you through eight alternative pricing tactics in this video to help you figure out how to price a product. Pricing your items correctly is a delicate balancing act.

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