Wednesday, August 26th 2020

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How to optimize your sourcing process?

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Understanding spending, setting savings goals or managing sourcing are the challenges facing procurement in 2020.​

This Week’s Must Read is an insight piece from The Hackett Group on how procurement teams can reduce enterprise costs.

The Hackett Group Inc

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Once shortages are identified , well-managed supply chain system is a vital weapon in the war against the coronavirus (and future pandemics, as well)

Ricardo Ernst and Jerry Haar for The Hill


Interesting article on practices that flows throughout the supply chain, or, as we prefer to call it, the supply network.

Verónica H. Villena and Dennis A. Gioia for HBR


There are many new digital procurement solutions out there. This article by Spendesk present 9 new tools to investigate. How do you make sense of all this information, and what is your process to decide which solution is right for our needs?

Patrick Whatman @Spendesk


According to CIPS, the 5 skills that CPOs look for in a new procurement employee include quantitative skills and sourcing competencies. But what about interpersonal skills? Don’t you think it is equally important to be able to develop the relationship with noth internal clients and suppliers?


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| HrNxt Newsdesk

| Rebecca Lloyd @Pwc

| PRNewswire


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Are you confused about the difference between procurement and purchasing?

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Podcast | How the top 5 spending industries are leveraging consultants?

In today’s world consultants strive to stay on cutting-edge of knowledge by evolving and enhancing their expertise. Clients get the best out of the consultants but even consultants are benefited by this as they get to build better portfolios and ensure long-term success.
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Blockchain Beyond Currencies | This Week in Consulting

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Podcast | Value Created by Consultants

Podcast | Value Created by Consultants

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