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Wednesday, October 27th 2021

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Reinventing the plastics industry

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Hydrogen (produced by water electrolysis) has the potential to cost-effectively decarbonize transportation and industries. However, compared to main energy sources like oil and gas, its large-scale commercial applicability has been limited up until now.
Are we on the verge of ditching carbon-based energy and introducing green hydrogen as an alternate energy carrier?

This Week’s Must Read is an insight piece from Florian Haacke and Dr. Fabio Oldenburg, Apricum on how to produce cheaper green hydrogen to become an alternative energy carrier.

Florian Haacke and Dr. Fabio Oldenburg@Apricum

Thought Leadership

From the global pandemic to the lack of workers, the weather event crippled the U.S. Gulf Coast, and the traffic jam of ships in the Suez Canal that soon followed, the access to consumer goods, pharmaceutical supplies, and electronics have been strained. How can companies manage their supply chain risks to ensure future events will not bring them to a halt again?

Ed Struzik @ERM

Plastics have a variety of attractive characteristics that make them ideal for packaging: they are flexible, resilient, and lightweight, have strong barrier qualities, and are inexpensive.
Because plastics create a lot of trash, the packaging value chain is currently focusing on developing solutions to solve the problem, including the reuse of plastics.

Timur Zilbershteyn@Wood Mackenzie

The Covid-19 epidemic has hastened changes in chemical sales that were already happening.
While travel and in-person interactions are still necessary for important accounts, recurring sales and smaller accounts are increasingly done remotely and online.

David Burns, Jason McLinn, and Jessica Snow-Wasserman@Bain&company

With rising public concern about climate change and waste, certain end-users, environmental groups, and financial institutions are demanding greener goods and production methods from the chemical sector.

Achim Wechsung and Hilda Buss@Exponent

This week’s Consulting News

Wipro has launched the Global Celonis Center to help clients improve their operations.
The Celonis Execution Management System will be combined with Wipro’s expertise to help clients simplify operations in areas such as finance, human resources, and supply chain management. | Isabell Horvath@Celonis – @Wipro


The 2021-2023 programme is a fully virtual programme that The Sutton Trust will run through online delivery and resources on Sutton Trust Online with their partners in the consulting world – This programme offers you the opportunity to explore what a career in consulting might look like. | @The Sutton Trust


EY today announces two new partners to its Banking Technology Consulting practice as it responds to rising market demand and invests in growth. | Carole Gentil and Ian Oswald@EY


Ankura Consulting, a global expert services and advisory firm, announces today the addition of seven Senior Managing Directors who will help drive the growth of Ankura’s Data & Technology capabilities. | @Ankura


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Nanotechnology has exploded in popularity in recent years. It’s a branch of science and technology involved with making things on the size of atoms and molecules, usually materials and electronics.

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