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Wednesday, June 9th 2021

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Transformation in Chemicals

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Chemical companies should continuously track their portfolios to understand which parts drive or destroy shareholder value and realign their portfolio accordingly. This study deals with portfolio strategy, plans, and actions that outline how a company will compete in particular markets. Do the best-performing companies change their portfolio composition more frequently than others?

This Week’s Must Read is an insight piece from Deloitte about Portfolio transformation in chemicals.

Amy Chronis, David Yankovitz and Aijaz Hussain @Deloitte

Thought Leadership

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the chemical industry has had to navigate product commoditization deftly. Today’s dynamics are unique and more potentially disruptive than ever before, and changes in their industry are coming quickly. They will be long-lasting and have a deep impact. What do they need to do to make a successful transition?

Andreas Gocke, Marcus Morawietz, and Udo Jung@BCG

Leaders in Consulting’s Chemicals provide an in-depth Q&A about sustainability’s impact on the chemicals industry such as “what is the industry doing about sustainability?” or “How long has the environmental impact of the chemicals industry been an issue?”

Carol Wingard, Amanda Davis Winters and Morgan Haronian @L.E.K

This article provides insights into the issues that will affect chemists and chemistry worldwide and other key business and policy issues for 2021. Following the global vaccination campaign, will chemists sense the impact of a future when the pandemic crisis is over?


To cope with the emergency of the Covid19 pandemic, chemical and technology companies had to adapt from an operational point of view, but this is not without consequences, especially in terms of cybersecurity.

Jeremy Pafford @ICIS for CNBC

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| @EINPresswire


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Jeremy Pafford, Head of North America at ICIS, joins Worldwide Exchange to discuss the global supply shortage of raw chemicals, and how it could impact everything from electronics to soaps.

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