Wednesday, September 16th 2020

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Will the Telecom sector conquer the digital space?

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Today, the telecommunications industry has the potential to lead to a better future and breakthrough development. Digital technologies approach will shake telecommunications to its foundations. This is the challenge that enterprises will have to take up in order to conquer the Digital Renaissance.

This Week’s Must Read is an insight piece from Sappience about the current state of the Telecommunication industry.


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Today evolution of telecoms industry appears to be faster than ever before. 5G networks, automation and artificial intelligence (AI), and the rise of internet of things (IoT) applications, will lead to a transformation of the operators, but will they manage the transition successfully ?

Tom Loozen and Adrian Baschnonga @EY


The COVID-19 pandemic is tragically affecting telecommunications networks, communications services and the media that are moving along with the way we are living and working today.

@Fondation Robert Schuman


Overall, the telecom, media and technology sectors have been able to absorb the first shockwaves of COVID-19 . Do you think they are better positioned to capitalize on the opportunities that times of crisis tend to present, towards preparation for the “new normal”

Dr Karim Taga, Rohit Sethi, Gregory Pankert @Arthur D. Little


Fiber networks, Software-defined wireless, those new network structures support the rapid adoption and delivery of new products and services. Are communication service providers, often lagging behind, up to the task of delivering a truly digital experience?​

James Messer @Gotransverse for Forbes


The challenges that operators face today will only grow more daunting in the 5G era, unless they begin now to make bold strategic decisions that can provide a path to profitable growth in the coming decade.

Wilson WY Chow and Rolf Meakin @Pwc

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| Anthony Raimondi @IBT

| Edmund Tadros @The Australian Financial Review

| PRNewswire


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JW Nevile Fellow in Economics Tim Harcourt explains how COVID-19 will change our ways of working, including the impact on outsourcing and offshoring of jobs.

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